My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1721

A certain man felt suffocated when he thought of what happened between Ellen and Lambert, but he couldn’t blame Ellen anymore.

Lambert was the one approaching her intentionally. Just like Jared, Lambert had all kinds of ways to see her if he wanted to.

Her only fault is that she is too damn attractive, he lamented. “There is something I don’t know whom to tell. Can I tell you?” Ellen asked the man sitting across from her.

“I’m all ears.” “I-I discovered something by accident last time. It is my uncle’s secret.’ Ellen had been keeping it to herself for too long and she couldn’t wait to confide in him.

“What is it?” Jared was interested to know what she had to say.

“I think that my uncle has an illegitimate son and a mistress, but my aunt doesn’t know about it. Ellen then propped her chin on her palm and whined, “I thought my uncle was an honest and dependable man. I was surprised when I found out he cheated. I can’t brain this!”

He noticed Ellen’s disappointment in the opposite sex and he immediately frowned. “Not all men are like that,” he quickly reminded her.

Her beautiful eyes suddenly shifted in his direction. “You mean you won’t do something like this?” “Of course!” He insisted solemnly. “I will only love one person. I’ll never betray or hurt my woman.”

He then added, “I’m talking about my feelings for you.”

Ellen froze for a few seconds. She didn’t think Jared would so passionately confess his feelings and reassure her just because she was thinking out loud for a bit.

“Yea, you’re right.” She smiled. “I can’t throw the whole basket of eggs just because I found one rotten egg.”

“Of course.” Jared agreed completely with this. Hearing that, Ellen couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re nervous, aren’t you, President Presgrave!”

And he was rightfully so. He was worried she would think of him as someone who would cheat on her just because of her uncle.

“Darling, don’t think too much. Everyone is a different person.” He reached out and caressed her head.

Ellen was taken aback for a moment before she realized that she had been laying her emotions on him. With a smile, she murmured, “Alright. I won’t think about it anymore.”

“Eat your food. I’ll take you shopping after dinner.”

She nodded and obediently ate with him. When they were eating, she noticed that dinners for the wealthy were unlike those of ordinary people. Instead of large portions, each plate of food was carefully cultivated and prepared according to its nutritional value. Although the food came in different varieties, the quantity was just right to fill someone up.

After eating, Jared took Ellen to a large shopping mall beside the hotel. His bodyguards were shadowing them from a safe distance, and they kept in mind not to disturb their young master’s love affair.

Jared first brought Ellen to a large jewelry store, and he didn’t even ask for her opinion as he picked out some jewelry on the counter by himself.

She only watched him without saying anything. I’ll choose something with him. He might be getting a present for someone. Right then, Jared saw a nice piece and he said to the attendant, ‘Please show me this one.”

The attendant felt her heartbeat speed up the moment she met his eyes. She quickly went to get the necklace he wanted while also taking out a tray. Jared placed it on his palm to take a good look at it first before he turned to Ellen. “Try it.”

She blinked a few times and immediately scooped her long hair to the side. Jared then put the necklace around her neck. Although the necklace was not very expensive, its design was simple and elegant. It was just right for a young lady.

He scrutinized her with narrowed eyes for a moment before nodding in satisfaction. After he took off the necklace, he informed the attendant, “I’ll take this one.”

At that point, Ellen was even more sure that it was a gift. Since he asked me to try it on, is he going to give it to a young lady? It’s a fashionable necklace, after all.

She followed Jared when she saw him walking forward again. It wasn’t long before he saw another one and asked the attendant to show it to him. He tried it on Ellen’s neck again. “This one, too.”

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