My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1720

She hated her father for having a child outside of their home. She was deeply hurt when she felt that she was no longer the apple of her father’s eye.

She used to be proud of being her parents’ treasure whom they pampered and loved, but now she realized how ridiculous her thoughts were.

Looking at her luxurious home, Selena was overwhelmed by the feeling that the money her father had no longer belonged to her.

Ellen was preparing for her date with Jared tonight. She picked an off-white dress and put on simple make-up. She was born with a face that looked good both dolled up and without makeup. Wearing less makeup made her stand out more.

Her long hair was casually flowing down her shoulders. With her hair framing her petite face, she gave off the feeling of a young and lively lady.

At 5.30PM, she received a call from Jared saying that he was on the way.

After the call, she went out to wait for him at the gate of the housing area with her bag in her hand. Out of nowhere, a middle-aged woman stepped out of a car with her assistant and handed a business card to Ellen, who was waiting for her ride. “Miss, I am a manager for an entertainment company. You are very beautiful. Are you interested in entering showbiz?”

Ellen didn’t expect to meet a talent scout like this. As such, she couldn’t help but smile and wave her hands in rejection. “I’m sorry. I’m not interested in joining the industry.”

“But I think being a celebrity will suit you well. Moreover, you have a distinguishable appearance. As long as you agree to it, we can immediately package you and make you al dazzling star.” The woman really wanted Ellen to sign with her and she refused to leave. She thought that Ellen might be short on money, judging from the simple outfit she had on.

However, the woman heard the low roar unique to sports cars at this moment. She couldn’t help but turn around, only to see an expensive sports car elegantly driving up to Ellen. Seeing this, Ellen politely refused the woman again. “Thank you, but I really am not interested.”

After she finished speaking, she opened the door of the passenger seat of the car and got in. The manager quickly leaned over, and she saw the noble and charming man exuding the air of a wealthy family’s son in the driver’s seat. She instantly understood then.

Ellen wasn’t short on money at all! Even with all the artists she handled, the manager didn’t have the resources Ellen did. “Who were they?” Jared asked out of curiosity.

“Talent scouts. They were asking me if I would like to enter the entertainment industry. I have met many people from this industry before.” Ellen was not surprised by their approach.

“Don’t pay attention to this kind of people in the future.” Jared was angry for some reason. These people often claimed that they were scouts when all they did was look for beautiful women to send to ‘unclean’ places.

“Mhm, I know,” she murmured with a smile.

When Jared stopped at a traffic light, his eyes shot up and down at the woman beside him. There was an impure light in his eyes. She’s so charming even though she’s casually dressed, he mused.

He decided to buy more pretty clothes for her after they had their dinner. He wanted her to wear nice clothes for him to see every day.

“Where are we going?” Ellen asked.

“A steakhouse on the top floor of a hotel.” Jared went out of his way and chose a romantic place. He wanted to book the place out at first but knowing how she disliked it when it was tool quiet, he requested a private room as usual.

Of course, Ellen knew about this luxurious hotel. She had seen on the Internet that there was an upscale steakhouse there and today, she was lucky enough to experience it herself.

The upscale steakhouse was on the 88th floor.

She followed Jared to the private room. After they opened the door, they found an extraordinarily warm private room where there. were flowers and candlelight, and there was a faint fragrance in the air. The most beautiful thing about this view was the night scene seemingly made up of gold after the lights were turned off.

She sighed in contentment. “It’s gorgeous.” The corners of Jared’s mouth curled into a smile. “I can take you here often if you like it.”

“That won’t be necessary. Enjoying a good time like this every once in a while is what makes it memorable! Part of the fun will be lost if I come here to eat every day.” Ellen was not greedy, but she was in the best mood tonight.

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