My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1719

“It wasn’t me.” Lambert actually saw it earlier, but it had been taken down. It was obvious who did it. “Who else could it be, then?!” Selena pestered.

She wanted to get an answer. “It’s Mr. Presgrave, obviously!” “Huh?! He wasn’t jealous of you, was he?”

“Isn’t this in accordance with your plan? I’m warning you, don’t use me to hurt Ellen, or I won’t go easy on you.” With that, Lambert swiftly hung up the phone..

Selena’s face turned red in an instant. Even though she was home alone, she felt that she had become someone Lambert hated. She had also picked up his protectiveness for Ellen from his tone.

I don’t understand. She bit her lip. What does Ellen have that I don’t? Why does every man who sees her end up wanting to protect her?

She understood now that Jared was the one who took the news down and warned the media. The man did so much to protect Ellen.

Ellen, will you still like him if you knew that Jared took away your brother’s heart? Will you still love him then?

Selena suddenly looked forward to the day Ellen found out about it. But at the moment, she couldn’t let Ellen know because her parents took Kevin’s money. She will still find out the truth one day and when the day comes, she will hate Jared down to the bone!

What Selena didn’t know was that her interference was what prompted Jared to force Ellen into being his girlfriend earlier.

From the beginning to the end, Selena had been of help in Ellen and Jared’s relationship. She heard a phone ringing right then, but she saw that it wasn’t hers. Whose phone is it? she wondered.

She couldn’t help but go searching in the direction of the sound. When she found a ringing phone in her father’s pocket, she took it and answered the call.

“Connor, Nath was in a car accident! Come here, quick! He has been looking for his dad!”

The phone Selena was holding in her hand fell to the floor with a dull thud. Her eyes widened in disbelief. Who is the woman on the phone?

Who is ‘Nath’?

And who is this ‘Dad’ that ‘Nath’ is looking for?

She was in shock after she answered the call. She was no fool. A thought soon came to mind -the woman on the phone was her father’s mistress, and ‘Nath’ was her father’s illegitimate child.

“How could this be? How could Dad have a mistress and another son?” Selena was overwhelmed by what she had just found out. The first thing she thought of was that she now had a competition over the family property.

She thought that Connor wouldn’t favor sons over daughters. Due to her mother’s body that wouldn’t support another pregnancy, Selena was the only daughter Connor had. She never would have expected her father to have an illegitimate child. In other words, the family’s property would not belong to her alone in the future.

Her head felt like it was about to explode. She couldn’t imagine how angry her mother would be when she found out about this. She doubted this house would still feel like home.

Chewing her bottom lip, she looked at the phone and called back the number earlier.

“Is that you, Connor? Nath was hit by a car and we are at the hospital. I have no money with me. Can you send me some more to pay for his medical expenses?”

“Listen up, you homewrecker-I’ll kill you if you ask for my father’s money again. Take your b*stard son and piss off.”

“Lena, is that you? I know it’s you!” Not only did the mistress not panic, but she also seemed to know who Selena was.

Selena was caught off-guard upon hearing that. “Why do you know my name?” she hissed. “Of course, I know your name. I met you when I first knew your father.”

“Who the hell are you? How dare you, you homewrecker?!” Selena was so enraged she wanted to tear the woman apart.

“Where’s your father? Nath is his son. He has to take care of our boy.” The woman on the other end of the call sounded righteous when she said that.

“I am my father’s only child. My father isn’t even the father of your son. Try taking what’s mine and I’ll come for your necks!” Selena roared and smashed the phone on the floor.

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