My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1718

“No, no. That’s not what I mean, Ellen quickly explained. “Then what do you mean? Is it so hard to say yes to being my girlfriend?” “That’s not it either…” She blinked. I haven’t actually given it a thought.

“I’m counting down from ten. Make your decision!” After saying that, the man at the other end of the call slumped against his couch. His dark eyebrows were furrowed as he solemnly began to count. “Ten, nine, eight-

Left dumbfounded, Ellen couldn’t think at all. due to his words. She couldn’t think about anything else when he was threateningly counting the numbers. “Seven, six, five-”

“Alright, alright!” She cut him off. “I’ll be your girlfriend, so please stop counting!” Her head felt like it was about to burst from the pressure.

“So, you are agreeing because I’m forcing you, huh? You’re not agreeing willingly!” The man suddenly sounded grumpy again. Ellen had to take a moment before she softened her tone. “No… I’m saying this out of my own free will.”

“Delete Lambert’s number,’ a certain man

demanded. “Don’t take any more of his calls.”

“Alright, I’ll delete it.” She was as docile as a lamb.

“You are not allowed to like anyone but me from now on.” Jared teased her even more when he saw how obedient she was.

Ellen had to hold her laughter in. She thought that domineering dialogues like this only existed in novels, but there was a real man who was as childish and forceful as fictional characters!

However, she knew that it was indeed because of what happened between her and Lambert today that made Jared jealous. And so, she cooperatively answered him, “Alright, I promise.” ‘Let’s have dinner together later.”

“Tonight?” she absentmindedly repeated. “You’re not allowed to say no.” The man was too  jealous for his own good. “Sure, let’s have dinner together.” Ellen didn’t refuse because she didn’t know what she wanted to eat tonight.

Seeing how obedient she was, Jared couldn’t bear bullying her anymore. He wanted to hear her confess her feelings on the phone, but he soon decided it would be more meaningful if she said it to his face tonight. “Mhm. I’m hanging up.”

After the man finished speaking, he made a call to his assistant, Stanley. “Get rid of all the gossip about Ellen and Lambert on the Internet.” He gave a straightforward order.

“Yes, sir.” At the same time, after Selena drove home, she sat on the couch with her bag and started to check the scandal online. However, the page returned to the homepage when she clicked on the link again. The entire page regarding the scandal couldn’t be found anymore..

“What’s going on?” She stubbornly continued to type in Lambert’s name on the search entry, but only some news on his participation in some activities appeared. The news about him and Ellen had disappeared.

She quickly called her friend and asked if she could find it.

“You’re right! I can’t find it! Did they take it down?” Her friend on the other end of the call happened to have contact with the media, so she suggested, “I’ll ask around for you! I have a close friend there.”

“Quickly, then. Find out what’s going on.” Selena really wanted to know. She was worried that Jared hadn’t seen it yet. This could be the best evidence that could break Ellen and Jared’s relationship.

Her friend called her back not long after.”The staff there said that the news was taken down. Someone also warned them to watch out.” “What? Who was it?”

“My friend didn’t tell me, but she said that any scandals about Ellen are not allowed to be reported in the future, or the media company will be sued. My friend also said that even their boss was trembling in fear. Can you imagine how scary the person who warned them is?”

Selena’s eyes immediately went wide when she heard that. Did Jared take care of it? Lambert couldn’t have been the one who did it, and it’s not like Ellen is capable of doing something like this. After giving it some thought, she decided to shamelessly call Lambert.

“Hello?” Lambert’s magnetic voice rang out. ‘Hello, Mr. Orey. I came across news about you and Ellen this afternoon, but I can’t seem to find it now. Did you have it taken down?”

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