My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1717

Jared’s chest rose and fell erratically after he went through the article. This made his heart palpitate even more than the workout he just did. Why was Ellen with Lambert? What were they doing at the hospital?

It irked him to see Ellen and Lambert looking at each other smilingly in one of the photos. He got jealous every time she smiled at a man who wasn’t him.

To understand what exactly happened, Jared gave Ellen a call without any hesitation. He was someone who didn’t like to drag matters out. If he had any questions, he would ask them on the spot.

Ellen was sprawled out on her couch reading a book when she heard her phone’s ringtone go off. She swiftly took a glance at it. Jared? she wondered. Why is he calling me?

“Hi, President Presgrave!” Out of habit, she called him like an employee would their superior.

“Where did you go today? You told me this morning that you don’t have time in the afternoon. Were you with someone?” The man was in full-on interrogation mode.

She was taken aback for a second, but she soon replied truthfully, “I went to my uncle’s birthday banquet in the afternoon. I came home not long ago.” “Are you sure you only went to the birthday banquet? You weren’t with other men?”

Of course, Ellen didn’t take her being with Lambert too seriously, so she replied without thinking, “Nope!” “Ellen…” Jared’s voice sank as he growled, “I don’t like being lied to.”

She only blinked. She didn’t understand why he suddenly grew serious. I… I’m not lying. I only went to my uncle’s birthday banquet this afternoon.”

“Then what’s with your rendezvous with Lambert? You even went to the hospital together? Why didn’t you get me to go with you if you weren’t feeling well?” He finally couldn’t stop his jealousy from showing.

It was only then that a lightbulb went off for Ellen. She was equally taken aback as well. “H- How did you know that Lambert and I went to the hospital?”

He didn’t answer her question as he muttered, “I want an explanation.”

“I can explain! Lambert and I did go to the hospital together, but that was only because her was injured when he helped me. I accompanied him to the hospital to get him patched up.” “Help you? Did something happen to you?”

Jared asked with a frown. His concern for her was stronger than his jealousy. Ellen tried her best to organize her words before answering him. “So, what happened was, I went to my uncle’s birthday banquet. I left at about 1.00PM, which was also when I received a call from Lambert. The call went on for not even a minute when a robber took my phone.

I chased the thief all the way to an exit at the park, and that was when I suddenly met Lambert. He snatched my phone back for me and was hurt by the robber in the process. We went to the hospital after that.”

Jared, who was quick on the uptake, immediately took note of the main point. “Why does he have your number? When did you give it to him?”

“No, I didn’t. My cousin was the one who gave it to him without my permission,’ she blurted out an explanation. “My cousin is the reason all of this happened. She has Lambert’s number and she made him think that I wanted to know him. H-He called me because of that.”

“Then how could he have coincidentally appeared on the very road you were chasing after the robber?” Jared asked again.

Ellen was sitting on the couch when she solemnly explained like never before. “I asked him about this too. He said that he called my cousin and found out that I was in this park. He happened to be nearby anyway, so he came over.

And yes, it really was a coincidence that he bumped into the robber. He took my phone back for me, but he got hurt in return. Please believe me. Lambert and I really met by chance. If it wasn’t for him, I could have been hurt event if I caught up with the robber. I am grateful for him.”

Jared was still upset even after hearing all that.. He was skeptical to believe that such. coincidences were possible.

“Fine. I want you to give me your answer now. Will you be my girlfriend?” he demanded. He would never have peace of mind if he was not sure about his position in her heart. “Huh?” the woman choked.

“What’s the matter? Are you going to reject me and be with Lambert?” Sure enough, Jared was consumed by his jealousy. His mood only took a turn for the worse when he heard Ellen’s surprised tone.

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