My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1716

Make sure you keep your eye on her, Jared. The day you cast her aside is the day I will take her away from you, Lambert thought to himself as he walked to his sports car.

At the same time, he was glad that he came. He couldn’t begin to imagine Ellen being the one who was hurt if she and the robber got into a scuffle.

On the other end, Ellen was sitting in the car when she checked her phone. To her relief, it wasn’t damaged. She started fuming when she thought about what Selena had done. What on earth does she want?

Some paparazzo had sold all the materials they captured today to a media company, and that company produced news and posted them on the company’s homepage at lightning speed.

One of the headlines was, ‘The Prince of a Shipping Company, which made it to the top of the list.

The first thing that showed up as soon as someone clicked on the article was a series of clear photos of Ellen and Lambert. Since the paparazzo took them up close, the photos were not blurry at all. Ellen, especially, had a high- definition photo taken from the front.

Even a frontal shot taken with the high- definition phone camera made her appear stunningly fresh. They looked like a young couple from the way she was all smiles when Lambert looked at her.

As soon as this news popped up online, the women who liked to pay attention to wealthy families were the first to find out. Selena was zoned out while she drove home. She wasn’t interested in staying when she knew that the elders would be playing cards next.

Her phone began to ring then. She took a glance at it before picking it up. “Hey, Lulu.”

“My goodness, Lena! Your cousin’s pretty capable, isn’t she? She has just seduced Young Master Jared and now, she even got Lambert wrapped around her finger as well! What is she, a sexy guy harvester?”

“What did you just say?’ Selena immediately pulled over to the side of the road and answered the call seriously. “Haven’t you seen it?! There’s a scandal between Lambert and Ellen! A paparazzo caught them.”

“Send it to me quickly.” Selena was shocked. She didn’t expect that Lambert and Ellen would get in touch with each other so soon with just a random phone call, and there was even a scandal about them online!

Soon, a link was sent to Selena’s phone. She immediately clicked on it to check what Lulu was talking about. Before she got to read the article, she already saw a few photos of Ellen and Lambert together at the entrance of the hospital. They seemed like they were in love.

“Damn it, Ellen! You managed to seduce Mr. Orey.” Selena was jealous and annoyed. She had to admit Ellen knew a thing or two about seducing men.

Her gaze soon turned cold as she sneered. Is she betraying Young Master Jared? I’m sure he would be mad if he knew how soon she got tangled up with another man!

Both of them are men who are probably favored by the Big Man above. Ellen might let go of the big fish for the small one and may end up getting nothing in the end! Ha!

While Selena let her thoughts run, she scrolled through her phone to look for Jared’s private number which she secretly photographed last time to send the link to him.

Thinking that Jared wouldn’t find her at busybody, she found the number and sent him. the link. It’s only a matter of time before Ellen is taught a lesson and abandoned! Selena looked forward to how Ellen would end up.

Ellen was someone who didn’t enjoy the Internet much. Because of that, she was still completely unaware of the scandal between herself and Lambert at the moment.

In a luxurious villa, a man who just came back from the gym picked up his phone and glanced at it habitually, only to see a message sent to him from an unfamiliar number.

His phone could filter out spam messages. In other words, the incoming messages he got were usually sent by people who knew his private number. He then clicked on this message and a sentence appeared. ‘Young Master Jared, there’s a scandal about your girlfriend. Check it out!’

Jared immediately pulled his eyebrows together into a deep frown. Despite not knowing who sent the message, he still couldn’t help clicking on the link. Soon, photos of Ellen and Lambert filled up the screen of his phone. His eyes quickly narrowed at the sight of it.

He took a look at the title above and then gazed at the photos before he read the article. From there, he learned that Lambert had appeared at the hospital with his girlfriend, and the media. also wrote about how the couple might have gone to the hospital for some kind of surgery.

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