My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1715

“Yeah.” Ellen’s pretty face turned pink as she nodded. “It’s from him.” “Well, where are you heading to? My car is close by. Let me drop you off,” Lambert offered.

Ellen quickly shook her head. “Thank you, but I can just grab a cab, Mr. Orey. “I got your phone back for you, didn’t I? Are you not going to buy me a cup of coffee?” he couldn’t help but ask with a smile.

However, at this moment, she suddenly noticed the blood dripping on the ground behind him. Shocked, she hurried around him, only to find that his arm was hurt. “You’re bleeding!” She froze at that.

“Ah, the robber had a knife. It grazed me when I was distracted. I’m alright. It’s just a small injury.” No longer hiding his wound after he said that, Lambert let the blood freely drip.

“This is not a small injury! You have to go to the hospital and get bandaged! Ellen quickly persuaded him. Lambert was caught by surprise and he asked expectantly, “Will you go with me?”

She looked at his wound, took out a tissue from her bag, and handed it to him. “Here. Try to stop the bleeding first.”

She folded the tissue and pressed it on his wound. “Forget it!” Ellen huffed. “I don’t think you can drive. I’ll get a cab and take you to the hospital.” He only felt his heart skip a beat as he looked at her. He wouldn’t stop the woman he fell for at first sight from being near to him.

Even though Lambert knew that she had feelings for Jared, he couldn’t help wanting to get close to her. “Alright! Let’s go!” He let her send him to the hospital.

She left the park and got a cab to send them to a nearby hospital. After they sat in the back seat, the driver drove as quickly as he could to the hospital. Out of nowhere, he suddenly made a sharp turn. Lambert couldn’t help but fall to Ellen’s side, his tall and big figure falling against. her shoulders. Even though their clothes separated them, Lambert still felt his heart beating wildly.

Breathing in, he caught the scent of the mild. fragrance drifting off of her body. It wasn’t some expensive perfume, but it was enough to get his heart racing.

Ellen was so focused on getting him to the hospital that she didn’t care when he pressed. against her. Instead, she told the driver in front, “Sir, safety first!”

On the other hand, Lambert didn’t care about the speed of the car at all. He was now looking at Ellen’s face from up close. Despite being dressed in ordinary clothes, she couldn’t hide. her natural beauty.

Distracted from staring at her, he didn’t hold on tight when the driver suddenly stepped on the break, causing Lambert’s head to hit the back of the front seat with a bang.

“Ouch…” He covered his forehead and resigned to his fate. They got out of the car when they finally arrived at the hospital. Lambert was especially eye- catching because of the tracksuit he had on.

Ellen paid the money for him. After confirming that Lambert needed two stitches for this wound, Ellen sat down and waited for him at the nurses’ station. At this moment, a nurse suddenly enviously exclaimed to her, ‘Wow! Miss, your boyfriend is so hot!”

Ellen was left stunned upon hearing that. However, the man who was being patched up inside let out an amused smile at those words.

After the stitches were finished, he stepped out. with a layer of gauze wrapped around his arm. Still, that did not affect his overall outlook.

The two proceeded to leave the hospital. At the entrance, a paparazzo suddenly spotted and recognized Lambert. After all, the man was the son of a wealthy family and he was active on social media.

Seeing that he was accompanied by a beautiful woman, the paparazzo immediately raised his phone to take a picture. No matter what, this was a piece of news that could stir the Internet up.

Neither Lambert nor Ellen noticed that someone was stealing shots of them from the time Ellen hailed a cab to them getting into the vehicle. The car drove back in the direction of the park. “Hop off,” he said to her. “I’ll take you home.”

“It’s alright, Mr. Orey. You should go back and rest. Thank you for today. Goodbye. After she finished speaking, she continued to ride back home in the cab.

Lambert sighed. The two hours he spent with Ellen didn’t feel enough. He could finally understand why Jared kept such a close eye on her, she was someone whom people easily targeted.

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