My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1714

He vaguely heard Ellen shouting, “Give me my phone. Stop running!” Lambert felt his chest tighten at that instant. What if the robber is hostile and hurts her? He immediately found Selena’s number and called back using his friend’s phone.

“Hello? Who is this?” Selena’s voice rang out. “Lambert here! May I know what hotel your father is holding the birthday banquet in?” “We’re near Dawn Park. Are you coming over, Mr. Orey?”

He didn’t expect it to be so near to where he was. Because he was also nearby, he guessed that the place where Ellen lost her phone was around here as well.

Although he didn’t know if he could find and help her, he grabbed the car keys and ran out without a second’s hesitation.

Selena hadn’t expected Lambert to call her. However, she couldn’t help feeling disappointed when he hung up after throwing out that question.

Lambert immediately drove his car around Dawn Park, his eyes constantly looking at the street and gate of the park.

His hands-free phone was still on call and he could hear the robber’s footsteps and breaths, as well as Ellen’s voice. He didn’t think she would pursue the robber so persistently.

At the same time, a sweaty Ellen was huffing and puffing at the south exit of Dawn Park. Even though she was running out of breath, she did not give up and always made sure she was at least 50 meters away from the robber.

The robber was a stout man in his early forties. He was running as hard as he could at this moment. “Stop right there!” Ellen shouted while she chased after him. “You damn woman!” the robber cursed.

Lambert’s sports car was parked by the side of the road. After he got out of the car with his phone in his hand and dashed into the park, he caught sight of an overweight man running toward him. The man was holding a phone in his hand.

Lambert didn’t care if this was the person Ellen was going after. He stepped forward and grabbed the man before he snatched the phone out of his hand.

“And who the f*ck are you?!” the robber shrieked in surprise as he peered at this scary, tall young man.

Lambert looked at the screen of the phone and even he couldn’t believe how much of at coincidence it was for him to bump into the thief who took Ellen’s phone. He swiftly threw a punch at the robber. Before the man could react, Lambert gave him another kick. “How dare you steal someone else’s phone? I’ll take you to the police station!”

When the thief heard Lambert mention the police station, he turned pale with fright. He knew he couldn’t afford to provoke the young man in front of him. He didn’t think he would have such terrible luck. Not only was he chased after he stole a phone, but he even ended up being punched and kicked.

Suddenly, he brandished a small knife from his pocket and slashed Lambert’s arm with it.

Lambert, who didn’t expect the knife at all, only felt a sharp pain in his arm when the knife scratched him. The robber took the chance to flee.

“Stop!” By the time Ellen caught up to Lambert, her legs almost gave out and she was dizzy from running. She was completely fixated on the robber. However, she lost him when she came running in this direction. Right as she panted with her arms on her waist, she heard a magnetic and pleasant male voice speak. “Stop chasing. I got your phone back.”

She whipped her head around and took a glance at the sight that left her dumbfounded. He was holding her phone and handing it to her. Seeing this, she immediately took the phone and made sure that it was indeed hers. “What… What are you doing here?’ she asked, puzzled.

“I asked your cousin where you might be. I guessed that your phone was stolen in a nearby park, so I tried my luck and came to see if I could find you. Surprise, surprise.” He let out a smile while he hid his injured arm behind his back. He admired her courage in chasing the thief.

He couldn’t help but ask, “It’s just a phone. Is it worth you running all the way?” “Of course! This phone is very, very important to me.” Ellen tightly held her phone, her joy evident in her eyes.

“Don’t tell me it’s from Young Master Jared!” Lambert made a guess. It was no wonder the thief snatched her phone as it was the latest model.

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