My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1713

Ellen was taken aback. Did Lambert give me this bracelet as a gift? “Take it quickly. If you don’t want it, you can return it to Mr. Orey personally.” Selena said “You took it, so you should be the one to return it,” Ellen replied, not wanting to get involved. Besides, she wasn’t close to Lambert.

Suddenly, Selena put a note and the bracelet on the table, then crossed her arms. Sneering, she said, “Anyway, Mr. Orey’s phone number and bracelet are here. You can return them yourself! If you don’t return them, he will think you accepted it.”

With that, Selena left. Ellen looked at the phone number and bracelet on the table, feeling a little overwhelmed. Why is Lambert giving the bracelet to me?

She bit her lip. Maybe this was Selena’s way of playing a prank on her. She knew Selena hadn’t left, so she turned and walked toward the door. Seeing that Ellen didn’t fall for it, Selena came out from around the corner where she was hiding before grabbing the bracelet and the note. In a moment of impulsivity, she picked up her phone and dialed Lambert’s number.

At that moment, Lambert was working out at the club when he heard his phone ring. He was surprised to see an unfamiliar number and answered, “Hello? Who’s this?”

“Hello, Mr. Orey. I’m Selena Aguirre. My cousin, Ellen Reiss, wants to meet you.” Lambert raised an eyebrow. “Ellen wants to meet me?”

Hearing his charismatic voice, Selena wished she could say she wanted to meet him herself. She smiled sweetly and said, “Yes, today is my father’s birthday. My cousin and I were chatting. and she said she wants to meet you. The other day, she couldn’t talk to you much because she was with President Presgrave.”

“Really?” “Yes! She told me she had a great first impression of you. I’ll send you her number, you can chat with her if you have time!” Lambert was pleasantly surprised. “Is this really true?”

“Of course, it is! I’ll send you Ellen’s number, but don’t say it was me who gave it to you!” Selena said, nervously hanging up the phone before sending Ellen’s number to Lambert.

Lambert soon received a message with a phone number. He wasn’t one to dilly-dally, so he immediately called the number. Meanwhile, Ellen had just left the hotel and was walking along a path beside a small park when her phone rang. She saw that it was an unfamiliar number, so she thought for a moment, then answered, “Hello? Who’s this?”

“I’m Lambert Orey, Miss Reiss. Nice to meet you.” Ellen was stunned. “How did you get my number?”

“Your cousin gave it to me. Didn’t you know?” Lambert replied, surprised.

Ellen now knew exactly what was going on in her heart. Selena deliberately arranged for her and Lambert to meet, but she didn’t know what

Selena’s true intentions were. “I’m sorry, Mr. Orey. It must be a misunderstanding. My cousin was just playing a prank on me,’ Ellen explained.

“A prank? Why did she do that to you?” Ellen hesitated, not sure how to answer.

“Um, there is a personal grudge between us, Mr. Orey. Anyway, I won’t bother you-” Ellen tried to end the conversation, but someone suddenly snatched her phone away.

“Hey! My phone! Stop! Don’t run! Give me back my phone!” Ellen didn’t expect someone to steal her phone in broad daylight.

Jared was the one who bought her that phone, so it was particularly precious to her. How could she let someone just take it away like that? “Stop, don’t run!” Ellen shouted, chasing after the thief without hesitation.

They were in a park, and the thief ran fast along the path, but he didn’t expect that the girl whose phone he stole would actually catch up to him.

Meanwhile, Lambert had just experienced a robbery through the phone. He had heard Ellen yelling about her phone, and since he was still connected to her through the phone call, he could hear the thief’s footsteps. Then, he heard the thief pant, and soon, the thief muttered angrily, “Damn it! When will she stop chasing after me?”

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