My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1712

At 9.00AM, Ellen received a call from Connor. Still groggy, she mumbled a response to him and at the same time, she noticed an address in her message inbox. After that, she set her alarm and promptly went back to sleep.

When her alarm went off again, it was already 11.50AM. Ellen quickly got dressed and rushed out the door. She was on her way to Connor’s 50th birthday party at a luxurious hotel where three tables were reserved for his celebration. Olivia was ecstatic while Selena dressed up in an evening gown with exquisite makeup.

“Will Ellen come for sure, Dad?” Selena asked. “Yes, I just spoke to her on the phone. She wouldn’t be so petty as to not come,” replied Connor. With more people attending, he would have more face to show.

These days, Selena had been planning how to meet Lambert, but the only person who could attract him was Ellen. Selena became preoccupied with how to use Ellen to reach her goal. Soon, relatives and friends of the family arrived, including the three Andino siblings who had a grudge against Ellen.

Ellen arrived late at 12.30PM, and as soon as she pushed the door open, everyone’s eyes turned to her. Connor immediately came over and said, “Come on, Ellie. Come sit at this table.”

He then led her to the table where Selena and the Andinos were seated. Ellen felt the cold stares of the Andinos and just wanted to finish the meal and leave. Before taking a seat, she left the gift she prepared for Connor on the gift table.

When Selena saw her arrive, her attitude softened given that it was her father’s birthday. “Why are you late? Was there a lot of traffic?”

“No, I overslept,” Ellen replied. “Where were you last night?” Selena quickly asked. Ellen’s face inexplicably turned red. “I was with a friend,” she answered.

Selena immediately guessed who that friend was. Who else would Ellen have as a friend? She suspected that the friend was Jared Presgrave.

At that moment, Selena’s appetite vanished. She couldn’t believe how rich and colorful Ellen’s life had become. She even suspected that Ellen and Jared were already together. Perhaps, Ellen would even announce that she would become Mrs. Presgrave and the boss lady of the Presgrave Group very soon! If that were the case, it would be a nightmare for her.

Selena’s eyes gleamed with a sly light. She had to stop this from happening. If Ellen were with another man, Jared would surely be jealous. It would be easy for Jared to get rid of that other man if it were an ordinary man, but what if the man pursuing Ellen was Lambert?

That day at the club, she had a strong suspicion that Lambert was interested in Ellen. Though she didn’t want to admit it, Lambert’s behavior toward Ellen was like love at first sight.

But how could she bait Lambert to go near Ellen? Selena’s mind raced.

On the other hand, Ellen focused on her food and decided to leave after she finished her meal. She noticed the resentful and aggressive stares from the Andino elders as well as their hostility toward her.

Thus, she went over to Connor and wished him a happy birthday before saying, “Uncle Connor, I have something else to take care of, so I’m leaving now.”

“Leaving so soon? Can’t you stay a bit longer?” Connor was visibly happy and a little drunk. Ellen replied quickly, “I have something important to attend to.”

“All right, then come over and visit us when you’re free, Connor said.

Ellen grabbed her bag and hurried out. Selena immediately followed her, calling out to her in the corridor. ‘Ellie, I left my ID at your place. I want to go look for it.”

Ellen was surprised. “I’ve cleaned up my place, and I didn’t see your ID anywhere.” “I’m sure it’s there. It might be in the corner of your bed. I need it urgently, so I want to go to your place to look for it,” Selena insisted.

“I’ll look for it back home and send it over to you once I find it,” Ellen replied, not wanting Selena to go to her place.

Selena thought for a moment and then pulled out a bracelet. “Oh, I almost forgot. This is the bracelet that Mr. Orey told me to give to you after you left last time. He also told me to make sure that you receive it.”

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