My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1708

Selena was particularly curious about this, she was afraid that Jared would force Ellen to take it. If so, wouldn’t Ellen become the one to own a sports car? Only by clarifying this with Ellen would she feel better “No,” Ellen replied lightly. Only then did Selena feel satisfied and got off the elevator.

When Ellen arrived at the floor of the president’s office, she went to the pantry. Then, she started the coffee machine, took out the finest coffee beans, and began grinding the coffee to prepare for Jared’s morning coffee.

At 10.00AM, Stanley passed by her window and said, “Ellen, bring a cup of coffee to the conference room.” Ellen hurriedly said, “Okay, I’ll bring it right away.”

Ellen thereafter went to the pantry again. By then, the coffee had already been ground and brewed. She added a small amount of sugar, stirred it in lightly, then put the coffee on a tray before heading toward the conference room.

Ellen knocked on the door and reached out to push it. It was then that she heard an angry male voice from the inside. “Who do you think is the boss of this company? Who is the decision-maker? Who allowed you to act without an authorization?”

The angry voice was coming from Jared. At this moment, one of Ellen’s feet had already stepped in, and she also saw what was going on inside. She saw six or seven senior managers standing around and receiving the boss’ scolding.

Jared stood before them, looking enraged. At this moment, he had his hands on his hips. His handsome face was as cold as ice, and there was a hint of frostiness in his eyes.

Not to mention the terrified look on the faces of these senior managers, even Ellen, who had nothing to do with this matter, felt her legs tremble. It was truly a volatile scene that she had rarely encountered. She took a deep breath and came to his side with the coffee, carefully placing it down.

As she was about to turn around, she tripped over a chair, causing her to fall awkwardly on the ground. Blushing, shel picked up the tray that had fallen to the ground and immediately got up. In the end, she hurriedly pushed the door open to leave, feeling very embarrassed.

That was really embarrassing. Also, my knees are hurting so much! Ellen lowered her head and realized that her knee was already swollen and bruised from the fall.

When she returned to her office, she had just sat down and was about to massage her knee when someone pushed open her office door from the outside.

Ellen was taken aback. Isn’t that President Presgrave who had just flown into a rage earlier?

She quickly sat up in a proper position, fearing that she might accidentally ignite his anger. Jared leaned on her desk with both hands and locked his deep gaze on her. “Did you get hurt anywhere from the fall just now?”

Ellen blinked. “I-I’m fine.”

“Let me see.” The man did not feel at ease. When he wanted to help her up earlier, she had already gotten up and left. As a result, Jared lost the mood to scold the managers and quickly came over to check on her.

“I-I’m really fine. A-Are you okay, President Presgrave?” Ellen asked him in return.

“There’s just a minor oversight in the project. It’s nothing major,” Jared replied to her before walking over to her chair, crouching down, and checking on her bruised knees.

Subsequently, he said with some exasperation, “Be more careful next time.” He was upset that she couldn’t even walk properly. “Okay.” Ellen nodded.

After that, Jared picked up the phone and called for someone to bring the first aid kit. Soon, a female assistant came in with the kit. All the staff in this building probably knew about Jared’s special treatment of Ellen, so no one was surprised. Even when they passed her by, they often greeted her enthusiastically. Who knew? One day, Ellen may become their boss lady!

Soon, Jared applied some anti-inflammatory and wound-healing medicine on Ellen’s knees while she looked at his face with some caution. From this angle, this man’s features were handsome. The angry expression he had just now was replaced by a gentler one at this time.

For a moment, Ellen was a little dazed by the sight and her heart quietly started to race. What exactly are Jared’s feelings toward me? Is it the care of a superior for a subordinate, or is it love from a man toward a woman?

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