My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1707

Ellen was startled and turned around to see Jared behind her, who was clumsily tying her hair. As he began to tie her hair, she became red in the face and remained motionless, but her heartbeat quickened.

When he heard her rant earlier, he recalled that when he entered the restaurant, he had seen some hair ribbons outside the door intended for customers with long hair, so he went to get one.

The girls around them noticed he had left the table, but when they looked over, they saw the utterly handsome man gently tying the girl’s hair.

Wow! That’s too much for our hearts to take! Where can we find such a handsome, considerate, and gentle boyfriend?

This girl is so lucky! At that moment, Ellen was delighted by his sweet and thoughtful gesture. So, when Jared finished tying her lengthy hair, she shyly smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Meanwhile, he gazed intently at his masterpiece. Hmm! At least the ponytail isn’t crooked.

Later, she discovered that he, like her, disliked spicy foods and preferred only vegetables. So, with great satisfaction, they ate everything they had ordered.

Following their meal, Ellen skulked off to the cashier without a word for fear that Jared would offer to foot the bill.

Although Selena had an unpleasant Saturday, she finally obtained Lambert’s phone number when she went into the computer system and chatted with the staff. There, she accidentally saw the guest list and found his phone number, which she had written down.

She clung to the phone number as if holding the key to riches. Despite her elation, she was at a loss for action. Moreover, she could tell that he was more interested in Ellen than in her, so she continued to ponder how to lure him with Ellen. She believed that if she could convince Ellen to come out, Lambert would also show up.

Meanwhile, Ellen went to a driving school near her workplace for driving lessons. It was a large driving school that offered one-on-one teaching and attentive and thoughtful service.

She stayed at the driving school as Jared had left for an urgent matter. In the evening, she brought her study materials home and started to read. She fell asleep while reading, and it was already morning when she opened her eyes.

Monday had arrived, and she hurriedly got ready before heading downstairs to call a cab. When Joanna from the finance department drove by and saw Ellen, she extended a hearty invitation for them to carpool to work.

Still, Ellen could not refuse Joanna’s eager invitation, so she accepted the offer and got in the car with her. Joanna knew the huge secret between her and Jared, but she had no intention of sharing it with others. However, her attitude toward Ellen had taken a 180-degree turn.

“Ellen, I cook at home. If you don’t have any evening appointments, you can come to my house for dinner. I live alone, too,” Joanna said warmly.

Ellen was pleasantly surprised. “Thank you, Miss Curry. You’re really too kind.”

“We’re from the same company, so we should care for each other.” Miss Curry chuckled. As she sized up Ellen’s youthful appearance, she was secretly envious.

Soon, the two entered the elevator from the underground parking lot together. At that moment, a figure hurriedly walked in from behind. Ellen turned around and saw Selena walking in with her bag. Selena shot her a complicated gaze when she saw Ellen, but she did not show her usual haughty demeanor because she could not feel superior when she compared herself to Ellen.

As they arrived on the first floor, Joanna got off the elevator. “My dad’s turning 50 this Saturday. You’ll definitely find time to come, right?” Selena asked Ellen.

“We’ll see when the time comes.”

“Other than me, you’re the only one from the younger generation. You have to come,” Selena said.

Suddenly, the image she saw last time flashed through Ellen’s mind, and she looked at Selena sympathetically. If my guess is correct, Uncle Connor has a son outside with another woman.

“If Uncle Connor invites me, I’ll go,” Ellen replied. As Selena got off the elevator, she could not help but ask, ‘Did Young Master Jared give your that sports car?”

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