My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1706

Jared could not help but chuckle at Ellen’s reply. He had indeed thought that she would be unable to pass it on the first try, which was why he had given her a three-month vacation.

“Okay! In that case, you can come to work in the morning and go to the driving school in the afternoon,” he suggested and scheduled her activities. Then, she nodded and smiled, “Okay. Thank you, President Presgrave.”

Soon, he was mesmerized by her radiant smile, which seemed to outshine the sun outside the window. She looks charming and lovely, especially with her sparkling eyes and pearly white teeth. Damn, this girl is so sweet.

The more he thought about how sweet she was, the more he wanted to do something wicked to her.

As soon as that thought crossed his mind, Jared made his move. He leaned over and cupped her face, then his thin lips pressed against hers. Ellen’s mind immediately went blank as their warm breaths intertwined. She could feel a sense of closeness and romance in the air.

After a brief kiss, he withdrew and smiled at her. “Do you like it?”

At that moment, she could feel her heart pounding. So, she shyly turned her face away, and her clear eyes blinked frantically. “Do you like kissing people, President Presgrave?” she asked, feeling bothered.

He was startled by her question, then burst out laughing. “Do you think I kiss every girl I meet? So far, only you have had the privilege.”

If any other man makes this comment after we’ve locked lips, I will reprimand him. On the other hand, hearing these words from this man makes me feel highly privileged.

“We should go to lunch now, or we’ll lose our seats,” she said, trying to regain her composure in that romantic atmosphere.

Then, Jared glanced at his watch and nodded. The two walked to the shoe cabinet, and Ellen changed her shoes. She squatted to pull the heels of her white shoes up, but when she stood up, she collided with something. Moreover, she was so caught up in her thoughts that she did not notice his long leg in front of her, and her face soon bumped into his waist.

Bam! Her face immediately turned red to the roots of her ears. However, he was not hurt by the collision and simply comforted her with a low chuckle. “It’s okay?”

She could not help but glance at a specific part of him, thinking, what if she had hit it and hurt him?

Soon, the two of them left, and while waiting for the elevator, Ellen was still full of dirty thoughts. So, when the elevator door opened, Jared naturally put his arm around her and walked in with her.

As they descended, they did not encounter anyone on the way out of the elevator. They then got into Jared’s car and headed straight to the nearby barbecue restaurant that was recently opened.

The barbecue restaurant was a very stylishly decorated place. She had reserved a corner table where the two could eat and chat quietly without being disturbed. However, as soon as he entered the restaurant, he became the target of all the women’s attention in the entire restaurant.

As barbecue restaurants were typically frequented by young girls, several tables were filled with girls. Suddenly, they went gaga as they stared in disbelief at the man who had walked past the aisle. My God! Is this what a domineering president looks like in reality? How did we meet such a handsome man in a barbecue restaurant? What’s more, a girl is accompanying him! We’re so envious!

When Ellen was ordering food on the phone, she handed her phone to Jared, asking him to choose. “What do you like to eat?”

“Anything is fine. You can be the one to order the meal.” Following that, he supported his cheek with one hand while gazing affectionately at her.

So, she placed an order for more dishes, after which she got up to get some condiments and mixed up some sauce for him. Soon, many girls purposely walked by their table to catch a glimpse of him, as if he were an idol. However, they did not dare to disturb him and were content to observe him nearby.

When Ellen returned with the sauces, everything was set up and ready to go on the grill.

Soon, she was chowing down as she grilled up all her favorites. She was mid-meal when she suddenly remembered that she had let her long hair down without tying it back and that it was distracting her from her meal.

After hearing her rant about her long hair for the third time, the man sitting across from her got up.

Ellen watched as Jared’s silhouette disappeared, assuming he was going to the bathroom. After that, she hastily grabbed a few grilled vegetables from the grill, and while she was munching on them, a pair of soft hands suddenly appeared from behind her and tied her hair.

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