My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1704

“President Presgrave, who needs a driver’s license?” Stanley inquired. “Ellen, Jared replied. Although a driver’s license is not a must, accompanying her to the test will be more meaningful.

Meanwhile, at the Orey Residence, Lambert showered and settled into bed to watch a soccer match. As he watched, a mental image of Ellen, whom he had seen earlier that day, flashed like a slow-motion movie scene. Everything about her was vivid, from her eyes to the strands of her hair that fluttered in the wind. It was as if he had met the love of his life.

While recalling that, he could not help but scratch his black hair out of frustration. Unfortunately, she is Jared’s woman, and if she is with any other man tonight, I will steal her away.

For the sake of a woman, he did not even want to watch his favorite soccer match anymore. He was even bored and wanted to know where she lived, what she was doing, and everything about her.

After taking a bath, Ellen went to bed and read a marketing book. As she read, she became. sleepy, and the book remained in her hand even as she slept.

The following day was the weekend, and she slept in after turning off her alarm. When she got up, she saw that it was 10.00AM. While she was planning where to go for lunch later, suddenly, her phone rang.

She could not help but pick up her phone and look at it, and when she saw that it was Jared on the other end, her heart started racing.

“Hello, President Presgrave. “Let’s have lunch together. The man’s voice sounded domineering. “Um, I want to eat barbecue. Will you come with me?” Ellen instantly replied because she was craving barbecue.

“Of course,” Jared responded. “Then, I’ll treat you to the meal. I know a new place that’s really good,” she said.

“Okay, I’ll come to your place.” The man responded readily and hung up. However, Ellen was still somewhat stunned after hanging up the phone. It is only 10.00AM! It’s too early for him to come over!

When she realized Jared would be arriving shortly, she immediately jumped out of bed and tidied up. She had planned to do nothing and put off any household chores that morning, but since he was coming over, she eventually decided to be diligent.

After cleaning, she felt the floor was still not shiny enough, so she took the mop out. Soon, she realized that mopping her 2,100-square- foot apartment was tiring her out.

Meanwhile, at 10.00AM on the weekend, a black SUV raced down the road like a wild horse. The man behind the wheel was dressed casually and wearing sunglasses, looking languid and elegant.

When the large black SUV that looked like dark matter sped past, many women on foot took notice of it. However, when they caught sight of the man behind the wheel, their hearts began to race.

Oh my God! The figure reflected in the car is so handsome!

At that moment, the bodyguards, whose sole responsibility was Jared’s safety, sped up and followed closely behind his car. His bodyguard was surprised that their young master, who rarely went out, had developed a sudden interest in social outings. In addition, Jared frequently appeared in crowded locations without regard for time or place.

Shortly after, Jared’s SUV pulled up at the residential area entrance, and the security guard, seeing his imposing manner, waved him in without checking his identification.

After parking the car, he walked toward the building where Ellen lived and waited for the elevator.

At that moment, the female manager of the finance department was wearing a face mask and carrying a bag of garbage as she came out of the elevator. When she met him face to face, she was so startled that her face mask almost fell off.

“P-President Presgrave?” She couldn’t believe she would randomly run into the president of her company in front of the elevator!

“Good morning, Miss Curry,” Jared smiled and greeted her, then stepped into the elevator. Afterward, Joanna awkwardly removed her face mask and looked at herself in her pajamas. Although she was 40 years old and still single, she felt her heart fluttering like a young girl in front of the young president.

Still, Joanna could not help but wonder whom President Presgrave was looking for so early that morning in the residential area. Could it be his assistant who is rumored to be with him?

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