My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1703

Ellen was taken aback, wondering when Selena had witnessed her seducing Lambert. “I came here to accompany President Presgrave. I’m not interested in getting to know other men,” Ellen replied.

When Selena saw Lambert chatting with others, she shot Ellen a glare before joining them. She was determined not to miss another opportunity to get closer to him.

When Lambert saw her walking toward him with a glass of wine, he quickly ended the conversation and hurriedly left. Since Jared had taken his sports car, he had no choice but to borrow a car from the club to return to the city center.

Meanwhile, when Jared got off the phone and returned, he saw Ellen swatting a mosquito off her leg. He was drawn to her leg’s delicate, smooth skin and quickly realized she must be a mosquito magnet.

She was scratching when he approached, but as soon as she saw him, she immediately stopped what she was doing out of embarrassment and looked at him instead. Nonetheless, he saw the small, raised bumps from the mosquito bite on her leg and expressed sympathy by saying, “Let’s go! I’ll take you back to the city center.”

At that moment, he saw a mosquito land on her slender neck. “Don’t move.” She froze, and he swiftly raised his large hand and swatted the pesky mosquito off her neck.

Then, she lamented, “Ugh! I’ve always been a mosquito magnet since I was a child.”

While she was reaching for her neck to relieve the itching, he hastily grabbed her hand because he noticed another mosquito bite bump forming. “Let’s go back.”

So, Ellen picked up her bag and followed Jared to find Ryan. Then, he said to Ryan, “We’ll be leaving first.” “Why don’t you stay a little longer?” Ryan persuaded. “We have urgent matters to attend to,” Jared answered.

As Dorothy walked in, she saw Jared leaving. Boldly, she came over and said to him, “Mr. Presgrave, are you leaving already? Won’t you hang around for a while longer?”

Jared cast an eye in her direction and instantly was reminded of her horrible nature and what she had done to Ellen during the last banquet. So, he remarked coldly, “No.”

Nonetheless, Dorothy was disappointed as shel watched their figure fade from view. She believed that evening would be ideal for meeting and conversing with him, but it seemed she was overthinking it.

Meanwhile, Ellen hopped into her car and promptly closed the door. Jared closed his vehicle door almost simultaneously with her because he worried the mosquitoes would follow them and bite her again.

So, no matter how luxurious the sports car, it would be an annoyance if a mosquito found its way inside. Despite that, he knew he would not get bitten by the mosquito because he was dressed appropriately with long sleeves and pants, whereas she was not.

Soon, she scratched her neck again because she could not stand the itching, which broke his heart. He had no idea that her presence at the gathering would make her a mosquito’s meal.

As the car headed back, three black off-road vehicles quickly followed, afraid of being left. behind by the sports car.

When they returned to Ellen’s residential community, she counted the mosquito bites on her body. There were at least seven or eight bumps, and the ones on her legs looked horrible because they were so swollen and red from the mosquito bites. The bites from Aedes mosquitoes were potent, which caused a much redder and itchy bump on her tender skin.

At that moment, Jared said to her, “Wait for me in the car.”

Following that, he quickly exited the vehicle and walked into a store to purchase an anti-itch spray, which he then applied to her itchy spot upon his return.

Later, she took the spray and applied it on herself in the passenger seat. Under the light, his eyes were drawn to her long, slender legs, which caused him to drool internally.

As soon as she had finished applying the treatment, she began to feel significantly better, and the itching on her skin subsided. So, she stepped out of the car and stated, “President Presgrave, please drive carefully on the way home.”

“Could you give me a drink in your house? I’m a little thirsty,” Jared suddenly asked Ellen. Then, she turned her head and looked toward the store. “Wait for me here!”

After that, she quickly went to the store and bought a bottle of water to give to him. “Here, gulp it down! Don’t get too thirsty.”

He accepted the bottle and was taken aback by her reaction. Doesn’t this girl understand what I mean? I wanted to be invited to her house to have a drink.

“Get some rest early. Consequently, he had no choice but to leave without revealing his true intention. Soon, he entered the vehicle and drove away.

Meanwhile, Ellen was a little tired because the mosquitoes had been giving her a hard time. After driving for a while, Jared called his assistant, Stanley, and ordered, “Find me a good driving school.”

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