My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1702

Ellen’s reaction made Lambert look at her in a new light. She is truly unique. Then, he shot Jared an envious look. Where does Jared find a woman who cares only about her man and not money?If only I could find a woman like that!

Later, when the other car owners wanted to compete against each other, the group remained at the racetrack. Meanwhile, Jared led Ellen to a tent in the garden so they could sit and eat. “Were you worried about me earlier?” he asked.

She had certainly been beside herself with worry, but now that he was safe, her worry had disappeared. Then, she turned to him and asked, “In the future, can you not participate in something so dangerous again?”

Jared was taken aback by Ellen’s forthright response, but then he solemnly nodded when he saw how serious she was. “Okay. I promise you that I will not do it again.”

His assurance made her face light up with a smile, and it appeared to have rubbed off on him because he was also beaming.

Suddenly, his phone rang, and he glanced at it to see it was a work call. “I have to take this,” he said, rising to his feet. She nodded as she watched him walk over to an adjacent patch of grass to answer the call.

While she sipped her juice, a man with a glass of wine walked over and sat next to her. So, she turned and noticed it was Lambert. His beautiful eyes stared at Ellen with blatant admiration and curiosity.

However, she resented Lambert for asking Jared to race against him earlier. Although she rarely avoided conversation, she did not feel like talking to him at the time.

When he noticed her expression, he could not help but grin. “Miss Reiss, have I offended you somehow?”

“Not at all,” she answered. “Then, do I look annoying to you?” he asked. “I simply do not wish to talk.” Even though Ellen did not wish to offend Lambert, she did not want to converse with him.

Meanwhile, Selena was making her way through the crowd with a glass of wine. She had looked high and low for Lambert so she could finally have a conversation with him.

When she finally located him, she saw that he was sitting next to Ellen under the tent. Then, she quickly lowered the collar of her top to flash more of her assets before confidently striding over to him.

“There you are, Ellie!” Selena exclaimed in a friendly manner as she sat down beside Ellen. After glancing at Selena, Ellen immediately understood the purpose of her presence.

However, Selena ignored her and swiftly turned to passionately greet Lambert. “Hello, Mr. Orey. I am Selena Aguirre, Ellen’s cousin.” “You’re cousins?” The shocked Lambert asked.

“Yes, we look alike, don’t we?” Selena quickly responded to keep the conversation going while resting her chin on a hand and shooting him subtle looks of flirtation. “I don’t think you do,’ he bluntly answered.

While his reaction made Selena feel a little awkward, she at least had his attention. Then, she turned to Ellen and said, “Ellie, this weekend is my dad’s birthday. You have to come and celebrate with us.”

However, Ellen was taken aback by the sudden mention of her uncle’s birthday. “Where are we celebrating?”

“Most likely in a restaurant somewhere,” Selena absentmindedly replied before turning back to Lambert. “Mr. Orey, what time is it? I don’t have my phone with me right now.”

He glanced at his watch and replied, “It’s almost seven.” “I wonder if we will be doing anything fun this evening,” she mused. “Do you know anything, Mr. Orey?”

“There should be some dancing and games. I’m not too sure either,” Lambert replied.

“I came with my friends, and I don’t know anyone else here. Mr. Orey, could I stay by your side tonight?’ she asked. Her words made it clear that she hoped to spend the evening with him as his partner.

Nevertheless, he immediately waved his hand in a gesture of refusal. “I’m sorry, but I have something to do. I will be leaving early.”

Lambert then turned to Ellen and said in a deep voice, “Miss Reiss, it has been a pleasure to meet you today. If luck is on our side, we might meet again someday.”

Soon, he stood up and left. With her chance to seduce him gone, Selena turned to scowl at Ellen. “So, what tricks did you pull to bewitch him?”

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