My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1701

“Miss Reiss, are you not going to place a bet? It’s a great opportunity for you to win some money. If you place the right bet, you might get rich overnight!” Dorothy exclaimed

Everyone who heard her turned to stare at Ellen in shock. Those who did not know her at all thought she was a daughter of a rich family as well.

“You guys don’t know, right? She’s only Mr. Presgrave’s personal assistant. She’s not like us. To her, 150 thousand is a huge sum.” Dorothy chuckled.

The crowd immediately began to whisper and mock Ellen. “Ah, so she is just an assistant. I thought she was the daughter of some powerful family.” “I see. She’s just using Mr. Presgrave’s wealth to sneak her way into our circles.”

Ellen heard them, but she did not care about their jeering at all. Her gaze was trained on the racetrack. With the setting sun shining down on her and her hair dancing in the wind, her eyes appeared as beautiful and clear as amber. The sight of her enthralled many of the men around her.

Some were even planning on having some fun with her once Elliot grew tired of her. Across the hill, the two sports cars chased after each other. They were neck and neck, racing along at incredible speeds. Their smooth bodies flashed in an array of colorful lights when the setting sun struck them.

Sparks could be seen when they speed around the bends, caused by the great friction between the tires and the tar road. Furthermore, ear-piercing shrieks echoed through the air, like the shrill cries of a trapped beast.

The gray car belonged to Jared while the blue car was Lambert’s. The gray car had been stuck in second place when it suddenly screeched around a bend in a perfect drift that allowed it to overtake the other car.

Jared’s car seemed so strong, so resolute, so indomitable when he overtook Lambert. It felt like he was overtaking light and speed at the same time. At that moment, he looked like a rampaging lion.

Lambert’s eyes widened as he watched the gray car speed away. He could not help but smile. In the end, he still lost. “They’re back!” “Mr. Presgrave is leading.”

“Goodness, he won!” Grateful tears streamed down Ellen’s cheeks as she watched the gray car charge back to them. She could not stop them at all as all the worries in her mind finally vanished.

Jared slowed down when he drove closer to the crowd, eventually stopping before Ellen. There was a moment of silence.

After opening the car door, he had just stepped out of the car when a petite figure flung herself at him and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

He hugged Ellen back and burst out in a happy chuckle. “Were you that worried for me?”

By now, she was ignoring any embarrassment she felt as she continued embracing him. Nothing made her happier than seeing him return to her safe and sound. “Shameless,” Selena spat out..

Dorothy angrily stomped her feet. Just then, the blue car sped over. Lambert hopped out of the car and tossed his keys to Jared, who caught it without hesitation.

“The car is yours.” Lambert graciously accepted his defeat. Jared glanced at the flamboyant blue sports car before asking Ellen, “Do you like the car? It’s yours.”

With those few words, Ellen had suddenly transformed into the luckiest woman that evening. The other women covered their mouths in disbelief; they just couldn’t believe that Elliot would actually give Lambert’s car to Ellen.

However, they then heard Ellen say, “I don’t want it.” Lambert could not help but facepalm. “Miss Reiss, do I need to tell you how expensive the car is? Take it. You will not regret it.”

“I don’t even have a driving license,” she shot back. “Why do I want your car?”

Jared burst out laughing and pressed her head back to his chest. She leaned into him, confused at his reaction, as the other women’s eyes boggled at her. Was Ellen actually foolish or was she stupid? Why would she not seize the chance to have the sports car?

By now, Selena was overwhelmed with jealousy. If that were her, she would have immediately accepted the gift.

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