My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1700

Lambert smirked, seemingly to provoke Jared. “Of course, if you can’t bear to part with your car, it’s fine. Just give me Miss Reiss.” When Ellen heard that, she was filled with disgust. “Mr. Orey, can you please have some respect?” she asked, shooting to her feet.

Lambert was startled by her response. Then, he abruptly stood up and apologized, “I’m sorry. I went overboard with my joke. I meant no disrespect.”

Jared, on the other hand, grabbed her hand and narrowed his eyes as he declared, “I accept the bet.” He was determined to make Lambert suffer a humiliating defeat.

The other women turned to look at them. What was so great about Ellen that these two amazing men would fight over her hand?

Selena was seething on the inside. In her mind, Ellen must have seduced Lambert on purpose. How could she? How could she seduce Lambert when she already had Jared?

Dorothy was similarly jealous of Ellen. After all, Jared mainly agreed to compete because he wanted to protect her honor.

The other men excitedly clapped and cheered. They were eager to watch the two supercars race. It would be an exciting match of adrenaline and speed.

Ryan tried to calm them down. “Sirs, could we hold off on the race for my sake? How about you compete another day in private…”

Both Jared and Lambert simultaneously interrupted him. “No way.”

That seemed to have set them off. Two men stared at each other, one of them was throwing taunting looks while the other was calm and composed.

Ellen was worried. It was a race, so that meant they would be speeding, right? That was dangerous!

Ellen pleadingly looked at Jared, even grabbing his arm while shaking her head. She did not want him to race. He patted the back of her hand. “Don’t worry.

Taking advantage of the last rays of sunlight, everyone moved over to the parking lot outside. Jared took Ellen by her hand and led her out. After a brief hug, he walked over to his car as Lambert walked over to him.

The two cars were soon waiting by the starting line. As someone spoke to them about the rules of the race, everyone else’s ears were filled with the thunderous rumble of the cars’ engines. It felt as though they were two wild beasts roaring to be let out of their cages.

When the signal was given, the two cars immediately sped away at over 60 mph. Ellen’s heart clenched hard. She walked over to Ryan and asked, “Is this track quite long?”

Judging by their speed, they should be back in about fifteen minutes,’ he honestly replied. He could tell she was nervous; he was, too. He could not afford to bear the consequences if anything happened to either one of them.

It was then that Selena walked over to them with crossed arms. “You really are sticking to Mr. Presgrave like glue. You follow him everywhere.”

“I don’t want to argue with you today,” Ellen shot back, glancing at the track that led back to them. Oh, how she wished the race would end soon.

Selena unexpectedly leaned closer and whispered to her, ‘Be happy that you have Mr. Presgrave. Stop flirting with Mr. Orey. He’s mine.”

Ellen seemed to have not heard her though since her entire being was tensed up. Just then, they heard one of the men call out, “Let’s start with the bets!”

Everyone began to crowd around that man to place their bets. “I bet Mr. Orey will win,” someone said, “He has raced on this track before while Mr. Presgrave is always overseas. There’s no way Mr. Presgrave would win.”

“When you put it that way, Mr. Orey stands a higher chance of winning!” another man exclaimed.

“Of course.” “Okay. I’ll bet my money on Mr. Orey.” In just a few minutes, the last man who spoke pulled out 1.5 million dollars and betted it with a one-to-two ratio.

Ellen’s heart was in her throat as she listened to them discuss. To her, Jared did not need to win. She just wanted him to end the race safely. “I’ll bet on Mr. Presgrave winning,” Dorothy said, walking over to them. “Are you not afraid of losing, Miss Joypur?”

“Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that I like Mr. Presgrave.” Dorothy was staring straight at Ellen when she said that.

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