My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1699

When Jared followed Ellen’s line of sight and spotted Selena, he quickly drew Ellen to their seats at the head of the table. As Ellen sat down, her gaze was drawn to Dorothy, who was sitting across from her, and she was surprised to find Dorothy at the gathering as well. However, Dorothy scowled at her with intense hatred.

At that moment, Ryan welcomed another guest who walked in. “Mr. Orey, you made it inside. Come, have a seat.”

Lambert then drew out a seat directly across from Jared and sat down. It was apparent from the seating chart that those at the head table would be the most influential of those in attendance. Therefore, those seats belonged to Jared and Lambert.

Meanwhile, Ellen raised her head and made accidental eye contact with Lambert. Earlier, he had only had a fleeting glance at her with the setting sun shining on her face, but since he was able to look at her more closely, he realized that she was his ideal match.

Sensing the unusual intensity of his gaze, she hurriedly looked down. Then, he smirked and picked up his wine glass. What a shy girl!

On the other hand, Selena’s seat was towards the end of the table, giving her a clear line of sight to Lambert. I am envious of Ellen, who was seated directly opposite Lambert and with two outstanding men.

“Young Master Jared, I have heard of you, but I never had a chance to meet you. It is a pleasure to see you here today,” Lambert greeted, holding his glass up in a toast.

“You’re too kind.” Jared raised his glass to clink it against Lambert’s. The two men looked at each other with admiration and scrutiny as they locked eyes.

There was a subtly charged tension in the air from the clash of their masculine instincts. “What is your name, Miss?” Lambert asked, curiously glancing at Ellen.

“I’m Ellen Reiss,” she politely replied. “How do you do? I’m Lambert Orey.” He introduced himself with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

When Jared saw that, he narrowed his eyes and uttered, “Let me add to the introduction; she is my girlfriend.” While taking a sip of his wine, Lambert froze and smirked, “Oh? Are you afraid I would steal her away?”

“You likely aren’t capable of doing that.” Jared shot him a warning glare.

However, Lambert was a man who loved challenges and causing trouble. So, he quipped, “I might not be as good as you in making money, but that might not be the case when it comes to women.”

“You can try.” Soon, Jared’s lips were tilted upward in a confident smile.

Meanwhile, Ellen was watching them in exasperation. What’s the matter with these two men? Do they see me as a prize worth fighting for? Do they not care how I feel? In addition, Lambert’s words come off as disrespectful.

So, she raised her head and gave him a cold stare that caused his heart to skip a beat but only increased his interest in her.

At that moment, a server walked up to them and started bringing plates of grilled meat and assorted desserts. Then, Jared offered Ellen a bite of his dessert, and the latter’s lips pursed in a grin at the gesture.

As soon as Ryan sat down, he began to introduce everyone present and their vehicle. When he introduced Jared to the group, everyone was shocked to learn who Jared was. They immediately realized that his vehicle was the most expensive limited-edition sports car explicitly made for him.

Later, when Ryan introduced Lambert’s car, it elicited the same envious looks from everyone in attendance.

Meanwhile, Selena’s admiring eyes were trained on Lambert. She knew she could not get together with Jared, so she decided to change targets. Lambert is equally handsome as Jared, so he will be my new target.

Nonetheless, she was not alone in having that thought. Every woman present had their sights set on the two men who were seated at the head of the table. In their eyes, the two men were the cream of the crop in terms of wealth and appearance.

On the other hand, Dorothy kept throwing enticing glances at Jared to catch his attention. Unfortunately for her, he had not even bothered to glance in her direction.

“Mr. Presgrave, I’ve heard your car packs quite a punch. How about a competition?” Lambert was the first to break the silence. “How so?” Jared raised his eyebrows. Afterward, Lambert swiftly replied with a risky gamble, “The winner gets to keep the loser’s car.”

Ellen was taken aback by the suggestion and quickly turned to Jared, hoping he would not accept the bet.

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