My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1698

“What’s with that weird obsession with purity? It’s fine as long as it’s a woman, isn’t it?” When it was clear that Lambert could not be convinced, his friend decided to head back in. He had to find a few pretty girls soon, or no girls would be left for him.

Meanwhile, Selena had no choice but to head in first with her friends. She planned to return later to flirt with the handsome man she had met earlier.

At that moment, as the sun was dipping below the horizon, Jared’s charcoal gray car sped over. His vehicle stopped across the street from Lambert, whose attention was drawn to the sports car. It was a car that he had longed for all his life. Then, the passenger side door opened, and a woman exited the vehicle.

A sudden gust of evening wind came from behind her, causing her waist-length hair to become ruffled and hiding her face from view. After she brushed her hair out of her face, Lambert was immediately drawn to her fair and pretty face, which forced him to divert his attention from the vehicle.

The sight of that woman made his pupils constrict. In addition, he was captivated by her carefree gait, which made her appear pure and enticing. At first glance, he could tell she was different from the other club girls.

Nonetheless, before he could finish gushing. over the woman’s attractiveness, he became aware of a pair of steely eyes staring back at him. He pursed his lips in embarrassment when he realized whom those eyes belonged to

It was Jared staring at him. Then, Lambert mused, He managed to get his hands on my dream car three years ago, and I still can’t get over it. Nonetheless, he has impeccable taste in both cars and women.

Suddenly, Ellen cast an inquisitive glance at the man leaning against the hood of the vehicle parked across the street. Why is he leaning against the car by himself?

She had only been staring for a few seconds when her attention was drawn by a gentle but firm voice. “Come, Ellen.”

Then, she withdrew her gaze and walked toward Jared. Suddenly, he wrapped her waist with his arm as if to proclaim to the world that she was his woman.

Meanwhile, there was a romantic garden inside the club decked out in flowers and balloons. A large table was set up under the bright LED lights, on which bottles of various alcohols were placed. When they walked in, more than twenty car owners were seated at the table, and beautiful women of varying beauties were sitting by their sides. Some women appeared sexy, while others appeared demure and exuded a sophisticated air.

While it was a gathering of luxury car owners that evening, it was actually an event where those people showed off their power and wealth. It was also a place where the rich kids could make friends and have a night of fun with women.

When Jared entered hand-in-hand with Ellen, two women seated at the table were stunned. One of them was Dorothy, and the other was Selena.

Dorothy knew Selena was at the event, but she was unwilling to lower her station and speak with someone who was only there as entertainment. After all, Dorothy was there because she was a car owner. On the other hand, Selena also despised Dorothy. She would have demanded retaliation if it had been anyone else who had slapped her. Meanwhile, she wished for Dorothy to keep her distance from her and enjoy the remainder of the evening.

At that moment, they both had identical expressions of shock. They could not believe that Jared would attend the event with Ellen.

The gathering was hosted by Ryan Day, a man in his thirties who was the founder of the Super Car Club and a second-generation wealthy man who loved cars. When he saw the couple enter, he eagerly approached Jared and gave him a bear hug.

“Mr. Presgrave, I thought you would ignore me!” Jared smiled. “Why would I? You invited me. Of course, I will come.”

“Whoa! Who is this pretty lady?” Ryan exclaimed. This is my girlfriend, Ellen Reiss, Jared graciously introduced.

Ellen shyly smiled when introduced. Ryan might like beautiful women, but he knew he could not give Jared’s girlfriends a second glance.

However, that was not the case for the other men, who could not help but stare at Ellen despite being surrounded by beautiful women.

“Come,” said Ryan. “Your seats are up front.”

It was only then that Ellen turned her attention to the large table. Suddenly, her eyes met Selena’s, and she stared at her in shock while Selena stared back with blatant envy.

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