My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1697

The manager felt that Jared had good taste since there were very few girls this pretty yet well-behaved. “Miss Reiss, what about this one?” “Wow!” Ellen liked the evening gown as well and nodded. “Alright. I’ll wear this one!”

She went through yet another process of makeup and picking out her accessories. She merely wanted a simple chain around her neck as an accessory and nothing else. Meanwhile, her makeup was suited for the occasion.

As for her hair, the hairstylist couldn’t think of a prettier style than her wearing it loose since her hair was naturally straight and smooth. Running a hand through it already gave her a unique charm. Ellen waited for Jared at the boutique while sipping her tea and reading a book. It was a great evening.

Meanwhile, in another boutique, Selena and her friends put on seductive low-cut gowns. They had already met with a rich heir and tonight, she had forced her way into the gathering consisting only of extremely wealthy heirs.

Dorothy was also one of the customers there, having dressed extravagantly in a black gown. However, the gown was designed to show off her assets the way she liked them since it exposed her back and waist, not to mention the low neckline.

They left at 5.00PM. The venue was in a racing club in the country, where a private racetrack had been built especially for racing. It was also where the battle would mainly take place. Since it was a racing club, there had to be some exciting racing sessions.

Jared’s sports car arrived at 5.30PM. His vehicle was gray, which surprised Ellen since this had been the first time that she saw it. It was obvious that it was a limited-edition car.

He politely opened the passenger door for her and sped towards the street in the sunset as the attendants watched enviously. Several black four-wheel drives immediately followed him like a shadow.

After stopping at a traffic light, Jared’s eyes began to study Ellen. She did look pretty in everything. Her dark hair fell onto her shoulders and it concealed her elegant neck slightly. which made him swallow. He stared at her side profile and nearly forgot that the light had turned green.

The driver behind him only dared to press the horn after several seconds to alert him, and Jared stepped on the accelerator and rushed off. He was already 100 meters away by the time the car behind him started driving, which made the young man behind the wheel exclaim, “What racing car is that? It’s so fast!”

Several four-wheel drives then followed him like galloping wild horses. The sight was shocking to the bystanders, who looked like they had seen a grand scene from a movie.

Selena and her friends happily alighted the car in the parking lot of the racing club. As soon as she got off, she saw an extraordinarily handsome man not far away and it made her heart stutter. The man was sitting on the front bonnet of his car and facing the sunset as he made a call.

“Goodness, who is he?” She was immediately attracted to him. Lulu recognized him instantly and explained, “He’s Lambert Orey, the eldest son of the Blue Ocean Group shipping empire.”

At that point, Selena thought to herself, This man shall be my target for tonight. While he doesn’t look wealthier than Jared, his looks and body are flawless.

At that moment, a man approached Lambert as he tapped on his phone and asked him, “It’s so lively inside. Why don’t you come in?”

“I didn’t want to come.” Lambert watched his screen as his slender fingers tapped away rapidly. “There are so many pretty girls here. Why don’t you pick a few?”

“I’m not interested.” “You can have any woman here and entertain yourself with as many of them as you want.” The man lowered his voice as he already seemed excited.

Lambert rolled his eyes at him. “Are they that fun to play with?”

The man sounded confused when he asked, “Don’t tell me you like men!” Lambert snorted. “My time and effort are extremely valuable, and these women don’t deserve me wasting it on them.”

His lips turned up as he murmured, “Unless I meet one who is worth my time and effort.”

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