My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1696

“I want you to go,” Jared said in a low voice. Ellen couldn’t come up with an excuse to decline his invitation, so all she could say was, “Okay! Do I need to prepare anything?”

“The haute couture boutique will contact you. Tonight, you’ll wear a lovely evening gown and be my date” Ellen nodded, thinking that she needed to return the evening gown once the event was over “Okay.”

“See you tonight,” Jared said sweetly before hanging up the phone. Ellen couldn’t help but be excited about it. At the Joypur Residence…

Dorothy’s heart had been racing since she saw Jared at the dinner party that day. She had no idea he had returned and taken over his family’s business. Despite her wealth, she desired the Presgrave Group, which was the world’s most powerful corporation.

Dorothy was overjoyed when she received the invitation list for the Super Car Club’s event that day. Jared’s name was on the list. “Oh, my goodness! I’m going to run into him again.” She fisted her hands in excitement.

She would never pass up an opportunity like this. Although she had offended Jared’s companion at the party earlier, she had not given it much thought.

She was convinced Jared just had a fling with Ellen because he was wealthy. It was impossible for him to fall in love with a commoner.

Dorothy was popular with men, which was why she was confident she had the opportunity to make the billionaire fall in love with her.

That day, Selena invited her friends to dinner. One of her friends mentioned that the Super Car Club had an event that night. She also learned that those who received the invitation were all wealthy city residents. It would be an honor to be invited to the event.

“But how do we get in?” Selena asked as she rested her chin in her palm. She had lost confidence now that she knew where their money came from. Other wealthy families had large amounts of passive income, but her family did not and would be depleted entirely one day.

For income, Connor only relied on some investments and regular savings. Meanwhile, Olivia did not work. Furthermore, the family’s expenses were substantial. Selena had to rely on herself to achieve her materialistic ambitions. “Can you ask your friend to take us with him, Lulu?”

However, Lulu shook her head. “There are only a few spots available. Not everyone can attend.” “Pretty please? Your friend can surely find a solution for us!” Selena pleaded

“Okay, I’ll ask him. However, I make no guarantees that this will work.” In the end, Lulu had no choice but to ask her friend. She had no idea her friend was a simp. When he heard that another two stunning ladies wanted to join the event, he immediately agreed.

“He said yes,” Lulu announced. Selena had a gleam in her eyes. “So, we can attend the event?”

“What are we waiting for? Hurry up and choose a dress for tonight! Today is a great night to meet a wealthy man to marry!” So, the three girls left the cafe and went to a nearby shopping mall to buy clothes.

At 3.00PM, Ellen received a call from the haute couture boutique. Their car would meet her at the front door and drive her to the shop twenty minutes later.

Ellen packed up the evening gown she borrowed the night before and went downstairs twenty minutes later. She wasn’t as awkward in the boutique as she had been the day before. She found herself alone in the shop once more..

Did Jared book the shop for another two hours? “President Presgrave told me that you have a party to attend tonight, so we prepared multiple short evening gowns that look great on you.”

Ellen trusted the manager’s judgment, so she nodded and said, “All right!”

Upstairs in the fitting room, she tried on a blue tube-top evening gown, but it was too revealing for her. The manager recognized her as a conservative young lady right away and got a nude pink off-the-shoulder dress ready for Ellen to try on.

It looked good on Ellen and suited her personality perfectly. She didn’t have the usual look that was a result of plastic surgery. Her palm-sized face was round and a little chubby, but it fit her perfectly. Under the harsh light, one couldn’t see the pores on her face, and it appeared as delicate as a peeled, boiled egg. She looked like an innocent young girl.

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