My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1695

When Selena went back to her room, she was still processing the truth. She couldn’t help but recall her childhood. Then, she remembered the biting cold little house and her frostbitten hands. Everything changed when she was eight years old.

She transferred from a run-down school to a private aristocratic elementary school. Furthermore, she began to wear a beautiful and high-end school uniform. She then moved into her current home and sat in her father’s new car. It continued from elementary school to college, and until she went abroad.

Selena was a very ambitious individual. She felt that her life could not be still. Even though she inherited her father’s money, she thought it was insufficient for her needs.

She closed her eyes but couldn’t fall asleep. In her mind, she was creating a beautiful dream. She fantasized about turning Kevin into her brother, causing Jared to look at her differently due to his gratitude for the donated heart. They then fell in love and began dating.

The sweet dream was shattered the following day by the alarm clock. Selena madly turned off the alarm and covered her head with a quilt.

It was the weekend. Ellen woke up early to take a cab to Lockwood Village, which was about to be demolished, to pack her priceless possessions. She packed many things, some of which belonged to Jessica and others to her as a child.

Then, she took a photo album and flipped through the yellow pages is to look at her brother. Her eyes welled up with tears right away “How are you, Dad, and Mom doing in heaven, Kevin?” Tears streamed down Ellen’s cheeks and her nose was clogged.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m doing well right now and will take good care of myself.” She smiled with tears welling up in her eyes.

Ellen took a cab home after packing up her belongings. She expected the village to be demolished in a few days, with a landmark to take its place in a few years.

She was about to board a cab and leave when she saw Connor, her uncle. When she was about to call out to him, she noticed that he was holding the hand of a woman, and the woman was holding the hand of a boy who was holding a toy.

As a result, Ellen decided not to call him. She also wanted to avoid him because she didn’t want him to notice her.

As she hid behind a bush, she saw Connor leave with the woman and child. She couldn’t help but be surprised. She couldn’t help but wonder who that woman was to Connor and if that boy was his child.

She remembered Connor was holding the woman’s hand so tenderly. It wasn’t the kind of love one would show a relative.

Ellen finally boarded the cab, her mind a jumbled mess. From what she remembered, Connor was obedient to his wife Olivia. Olivia was a bossy woman. She would go insane if she discovered Connor had a mistress and an illegitimate son.

Ellen rested her chin on her hand as she thought things through, but she didn’t understand much. Is it true that all honest-looking men cheat?

Conner was a trustworthy man in her eyes. However, she had now learned of his affairs.

It heightened her apprehension about marriage. While working in the cafe, she overheard her coworkers discussing their families’ affairs, which made her realize that marrying an evil man would be a tragedy for a woman. It was preferable to remain single.

Ellen didn’t want to think about it too much. She hoped that Connor would take the secret with him to the grave.

In the end, she returned home and began unpacking her belongings. After whipping up a plate of pasta for herself, she began studying a marketing planning book in the hopes of improving herself.

While she was reading a book in the afternoon, her phone rang. Her heart rate increased as she picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID.

It was a call from Jared. “Hello, President Presgrave!” Ellen greeted. “Are you available tonight?” It was obvious that Jared wanted to spend time with her.

“I’m free,” she replied. Her social life was simple, so she was always available when she was resting. “The Super Car Club is holding an event today. I’d like for you to join us.”

“Huh? Me?” Ellen imagined it would be an event attended only by wealthy people, so she was afraid she wouldn’t fit in.

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