My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1694

“When the doctor advised us to discontinue treatment, there was a boy in desperate need of a heart in the ER. As we were about to leave the hospital, we were suddenly summoned to discuss organ donation. Finally, we donated Kev’s heart to the boy, and his family later donated 100 million to us,” Olivia stated.

Selena’s eyes widened as she couldn’t believe the family’s money came from this source Furthermore, it was Kevin, Ellen’s brother, who obtained it for them. “Mom, the person in desperate need of a heart in the past was Young Master Jared, right?” she said after taking a deep breath.

“That’s correct. As a result, the Presgrave Family has always been grateful to us. They will assist us with anything, including your studies. Because of their assistance, you could study abroad and attend a prestigious university.”

“Can we still ask for more money, Mom?” “Without a doubt. However, we have sufficient funds.”

“We’re not particularly wealthy, Mom. You have no idea how real billionaires live their lives. They can purchase a purse worth millions without batting an eyelid! That is something we can never imagine!” Dorothy had humiliated Selena badly. As a result, Selena despised the fact that her family was not wealthy enough

“We can’t compete with those billionaires, but don’t we have it all? Besides, Connor is not a glutton. We can’t ask for more when we have enough,” Olivia stated. She desired more, but Connor never requested it. Does Ellen know about this, Mom?”

“We will never tell her. We’ll take this secret with us to the grave. Otherwise, Ellen will cause us problems. The Presgraves will then learn the truth. We have no way of explaining this to the family.”

Selena was finally feeling much better. So, Ellen’s brother is entirely responsible for our prosperity and wealth. On the other hand, Ellen reaped no benefits as Kevin’s younger sister “I will keep it a secret from her, Mom,” she assured her mother.

“Only the three of us will know the truth, and no one else should.” Olivia kept warning Selena. “Okay, I will never leak the secret!” Selena promised, not wanting to lose her wealth as well.

“So, Young Master Jared’s heart came from Kevin. Is the young master aware of this, Mom?”

“Certainly not. Young Master Jared was only ten years old at the time. He appeared to have left the country after having his heart replaced.

Furthermore, he had no contact with us.” Selena reasoned that she couldn’t tell Jared about it. He would spoil Ellen if he knew the truth.

“Mom, we have to figure something out! What if Young Master Jared suddenly feels uneasy about his heart and goes to see a doctor about it? Then, he’ll realize Kevin is Ellen’s brother!”

“It’s not possible!” Olivia became pale when she heard that.

“Can we turn Kevin into Dad’s child and make him my brother, Mom? Simply inform everyone that I am Kevin’s sister and Ellen is Kevin’s cousin. Then, Young Master Jared will repay me when he discovers that.”

Olivia was taken aback when she heard Selena’s words. “What are you on about, Lena?”

Selena had suffered severe humiliation earlier on so at this point, she was having a lot of crazy ideas running through her head. She sat next to Olivia and took her arm before saying, “Mom, I believe my plan is feasible.

Allow Kevin to be Dad’s illegitimate son and thus, my elder brother Because Kevin has died, Young Master Jared cannot discover the truth. If the young master decides to investigate, Kevin’s body is long gone and there is nothing left to perform a DNA paternity test on.”

Meanwhile, Olivia had never considered such a bold idea before. However, after hearing Selena’s words, she felt it made sense.

“Let me consider it. I can’t decide on my own. Your father must help you with this.” It was late at night by the time Olivia finished speaking. Then, she told Selena, “You should go to bed right now. I’m tired as well.”

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