My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1693

They sighed. In the end, the bodyguards retreated even further to the point where they drove their vehicles a few miles out, fearing that they might disturb Jared.

Ellen was in a daze from all the kissing as she lay in the man’s arms, her heart beating wildly. Feelings of fear, love, nervousness, and excitement were all coursing through her because everything she had been through in her life up to that point was all shouldered by her alone. Even if she were to get wronged and hurt, she would still be alone.

This made her hug the man in a fit of panic. Jared, who felt her tightening embrace, kissed her hair. “Did I scare you?”

“No…” Ellen replied quietly. It was then Jared noticed that her dress was rather short. With how big the waves were getting, he put his hand around her waist before saying, “I think we should head back now.”

Ellen nodded, and Jared led her back to the car. As they headed back to the city, Jared’s bodyguards resumed following them. When they reached Ellen’s house, it was already past midnight. Jared said deeply, “Rest up well.”

Nodding, Ellen walked into her residential district. When she turned around, she found that Jared still had not left yet, making her feel warm inside.

Since it was the weekend tomorrow, it meant that she could sleep in. Tonight is one of the best nights of my life.

Even though it was already midnight, in Olivia’s home, Selena was having a hard time falling asleep, as her mind was filled with the incident that night. It was where Jared kissed Ellen and announced that she was his girlfriend.

Although Selena had never liked any man to this point, Jared was the point that always drove her crazy.

She really couldn’t figure out how Ellen was better than her. In her eyes, Ellen would always remain a bottom feeder, a person forsaken by the heavens.

Selena also heard Jared say that if not for her parents, he would’ve already taken measures against her. What do my parents have to do with the Presgraves? Frustrated, Selena was sleepless, so she went downstairs to get some water.

Coincidentally, Olivia was also having some water in the living room, and she got shocked by her daughter’s sudden appearance.

“Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Olivia asked. Sitting on the sofa with unkempt hair, Selena. looked at her mother and suddenly questioned, “Mom, are we related to the Presgraves?”

“How in the world could we have that honor?” Olivia sighed.

“Then tell me. Why is it that Dad managed to arrange a job for me at the Presgrave Group with just a phone call? Where does our money come from? You and Dad don’t have proper jobs, but our household is never short on cash. What is happening?” Selena bombarded Olivia with questions.

Olivia did not expect her daughter to be curious about all this suddenly. She took a seat on the sofa. “What is up with you?”

“I’m going crazy because of that woman, Ellen. She was Young Master Jared’s companion tonight, and she caused me to be humiliated by others at the event. Even Young Master Jared detests me now. He even said that if not for you and Dad, he would’ve taken action against me,” Selena whined Stunned, Olivia exclaimed, “Say what? Ellen got on your nerves again?”

“She took advantage of the fact that Young Master Jared was helping her and didn’t even bat an eye at me throughout the event. In the end, she even asked him to chase me out!”

“That hateful wench.” Olivia stood on her daughter’s side. “Mom, tell me now! Where do we get our money from?” Selena asked.

Pondering about it, Olivia thought that her daughter was grown up now, so she could not really continue to hide this from her. Besides, if I tell her, she might learn to be more sensible.

“You really want to know?” “Of course!” Selena nodded fervently. “Alright. This is a secret. Besides me and your father, nobody else knows about it. Now, I will tell you about it. But! You must keep it a secret!”

“I will.” “Back then, we were very poor. Do you still remember Ellen’s brother, Kev?” “Of course, I do! We even fought because he wanted to take my toy away! Didn’t he die because of an illness?” Selena was peeved.

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