My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1692

Ellen hugged her arms due to the cold wind. Noticing this immediately, Jared quickly took his gray suit jacket off and put it on her.

His warmth instantly enveloped Ellen along with a refreshing scent, making her blush before she looked up. Under the moonlight, her black hair, fair skin, bright eyes, petite nose, and luscious lips made her seem alluring yet a tad innocent.

Meanwhile, Jared, under the moonlight, saw that the woman was so beautiful his heart started to beat faster. It was as if other than her, no other thoughts could enter his mind.

Ellen was admiring the faraway scenery, not knowing that she was the man’s scenery instead.

Finally noticing the gaze on her, Ellen turned around with the wind still blowing on her face; it accentuated her innocent face. And within her bright, pure eyes, there seemed to be inexplicable traces of amorous feelings..

Meeting his gaze, Ellen became embarrassed, realizing with hindsight the romantic atmosphere between them. Gulping, she did not know what to say.

“Let’s chat! Ellen said. “What do you want to talk about?” The man was interested. After giving it some thought, Ellen asked, “When’s your birthday?”

“November 1,” he answered. Chuckling, Ellen replied, “That’s easy to remember. It’s three ones.” “That’s right.” Smiling, Jared asked, “So, that means you’ve committed it to memory?”

“It’ll be a bit over two months until your birthday,” stated Ellen. “Do you want to celebrate it with me?” Shocked, Ellen replied, “You should spend the day with your family.”

‘I can only celebrate my birthday this year by myself since my family isn’t around. So, it’ll be the same if I celebrate it with my friends.” Jared hinted.

With an elated expression, Ellen nodded. “Sure!” She really wanted to celebrate his birthday together. Suddenly, a strand of hair got stuck around her ear. She took a breath. It hurt her when she turned around, making her want to untangle it, yet Jared was already reaching out to her.

His warm fingers touched her soft ears, tickling her and causing her to dodge them. Her face was beet red right now. Out of the blue, Jared held her face before his face closed in.

Ellen fell into panic for a few seconds, but this panic quickly turned into expectation. Although she knew what Jared was going to do, who could resist such a man?

“Close your eyes,” Jared said with a hoarse voice. Doing as he asked, Ellen closed her eyes before the man’s warm lips made contact with hers. It was just a light kiss, as Jared did not go overboard with it.

Half opening her eyes, Ellen was greeted by the man’s tall nose and his thick eyelashes. Jared is very attractive at this distance. Just like that, she looked at him, yet Jared opened his eyes, seeing that she was looking at him. Obviously, her mind is in another place.

I didn’t think that she would be opening her eyes while we were kissing. This troubled the man, so he stopped being gentle and intensified the kiss just as he always wanted to.

“Mmph… Ellen felt his ‘punishment, closing her eyes immediately and focusing on what was happening right at that moment. She could only. feel the passion coming from the man, besides her body turning into jelly in his arms.

Kissing under the moon, there was a special kind of romantic spectacle to it with the man placing a hand on the back of Ellen’s head while the other was holding her waist.

Although her head barely reached Jared’s chin, at that moment, the man lowered himself for her. Not far away, the bodyguards showed up, having finally caught up to them. But they did not dare to take even one more step forward. Otherwise, they knew that their careers would end right there and then.

They also finally understood why Jared shook them off. Our young master is all grown up now!

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