My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1691

Finally, they synced up. As Ellen looked up, under the lights, she found that the man never took his eyes off her face. His passionate gaze was akin to the universe, capable of making one lose oneself staring into it.

Although Ellen was not a romantic, at this moment, she felt all warm and fuzzy inside, a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

Suddenly, someone bumped into her from behind, making her hug Jared tightly. Ellen blushed furiously, but due to the dim lights, nobody saw it.

Just as she wanted to put some distance between them, she noticed that a big palm was pressing on her back, not allowing her to leave.

This made them seem even more ambiguous. Looking left and right, she was relieved that everyone was in the same position, which did not make them stand out. So, Ellen rested her face on Jared’s chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat.

His rhythmic heartbeat was like a hypnotization session, making her somewhat drowsy. Lowering his head, Jared saw the woman in his embrace blinking her eyes from time to time. It was incredibly attractive… and sexy. Jared gulped, trying to control his emotions, as he seemed to be tortured by this dance.

Meanwhile, Ellen was acting naturally since she did not have any other thoughts. It might be due to her being slow to pick up romantic advances, so even when they were this close, she was still able to think of other things.

Yet, the man only thought about how to devour her later. After one dance, Jared could see that Ellen did not like this kind of event, so he brought her to eat dinner at an outside restaurant.

Ellen, who really did not like such occasions, inwardly sighed in relief after they came out. The neon lights and bustling streets she saw through the car window soothed her greatly.

Jared brought her to a restaurant. Since they were still wearing their outfits from the event, the waiters were shocked at their appearance, thinking whether they were a pair of eloped royals.

After a joyful dinner, Jared found that although not much time seemed to have passed, it was already nine in the evening, but he didn’t feel like going home at all..

“Do you want to go for a ride?” he suggested. Ellen shared the same thought. She had a great time tonight, for it was one of the happiest nights in her life, so she nodded. “Sure!”

She was not afraid of where the man might bring her. Even if they were to go to the ends of the world, she would still follow him willingly. due to the strong sense of security he gave her.

Jared drove onto Seaview Highway, losing the three black SUVS that were tailing him in an instant. Those cars belonged to his bodyguards. With the performance of Jared’s car, he soon left them eating his dust.

“Quick, drive faster! The young master is gone.” The bodyguards communicated with each other via walkie-talkies. “Understood. Drive as fast as you can.” “We need to ensure the young master’s safety!”

So, putting the pedal to the metal, the bodyguards drove like bats out of hell. It seems like it isn’t all roses to be Young Master Jared’s bodyguard! This employer sure knows how to make us worry. We have to be on guard all of the time!

Once Jared shook off the bodyguards, he switched lanes and drove onto Seasight Lane, while Ellen smiled at the sea view. She had never seen the scenery of the sea at night before, hence never knew how beautiful the moon could be when she returned home from work every night, fatigued beyond belief.

Jared was no stranger to this place. He had come here to fish with his father before and was pretty familiar with the road. There were rarely any visitors here, and besides, there was a large scenic deck there. He then parked his car by the roadside.

“Let’s get out. I’ll bring you to a place where we can see the view,” Jared said to Ellen.

Unafraid, Ellen opened the door, before the night breeze blew on her hair. Tonight, she was like a beautiful princess that was having a secret date with a prince.

Jared held her hand and walked to the scenic deck under the dim moonlight. At this hour, nobody was here, with the only hint of civilization being a light that was being emitted from a faraway lighthouse.

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