My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1690

Yet, Ellen was much stronger in this regard than her. Selena had a mental breakdown and screamed, nearly going crazy. Suddenly, she hated her parents for not being rich enough and not being able to provide her with more, which led her to be bullied by others like this.

Inside the event hall, Ellen was brought upstairs by Jared into a lounge room. Her face was still a bit flushed under the lights, and she did not look at him directly.

It was as if she did not dare to look into his eyes. Looking at the seemingly paralyzed woman sitting on the sofa, Jared had a naughty smile.

“What? Are you afraid that I’ll eat you?” He was holding a glass of red wine, exuding a bad-boy look. Finally, Ellen looked at him in embarrassment. “Thanks for just now.”

“How are you planning to thank me?” the man teased. It was because she was acting like a scared bunny that was just inviting others to tease her. Pursing her red lips, Ellen blinked her eyes. “How do you want me to thank you?”

The man suddenly looked at her lips. Even though it was just a quick kiss, he had already tasted the fruit-like sweetness from it, making him wonder what would happen if they kissed. for longer.

That was so unsatisfying. It was as if something was in his head, affecting his thoughts..

“If anybody bullies you like that next time, don’t hesitate to call me. Not even for a second,” Jared reminded. “No matter what I’m doing, I’ll put down everything and come to your side.”

This warmed Ellen deep down since this was just like her brother protecting her. She remembered that her brother once said something similar, stating to tell him if she ever got bullied and he would rush over at the first notice.

“Thank you, President Presgrave.” Ellen nodded. Thinking about what Jared said to Selena just now, Ellen asked, ‘President Presgrave, do you know my uncle’s family?”

“I don’t. But, because they had helped me in the past, my family has always been thankful to them,” Jared replied. But he did not talk about the heart transplant, as he did not want Ellen to know that he nearly died before.

This was something that Jared was not too willing to tell others since he thought that this would weaken his image in the public’s eyes.

Ellen nodded, thinking Connor must have taken advantage of this relationship to land her a job. in Presgrave Group. And that was how she got the opportunity to meet Jared.

It was then the music started playing downstairs. Thinking he hadn’t been spending much time with Ellen tonight, Jared stood up and suggested, “Come on. Let’s have a dance downstairs.”

At this, Ellen quickly waved her hands. “But I don’t know how to dance.” About the things that she was not adept at, she was afraid of embarrassing herself.

“Well, I can teach you. It’s easy.” Jared reached out, insisting on dancing with her. Although she was nervous, she wanted to dance too, so she placed her hand in his, allowing him to take the lead.

They reached the event hall only to see that the dance floor had been prepared, with around ten people dancing. The lights had been dimmed down too. Walking to the edge of the dance floor, they noticed that a lot of couples had already begun to dance.

Ellen gulped while observing their steps. It seems easy enough. It’s just that the man steps back while the woman steps forward, and vice-versa. I think it’s just to create a romantic atmosphere since I don’t see anybody really dancing seriously.

Feeling her wrist being held by the man, she held onto the man’s broad shoulder. The man then held her waist with both hands. “Follow my steps.”

Ellen was so nervous that she accidentally stepped on his foot, yet Jared only held the pain in and smiled patiently. “Slower.”

Panicking, Ellen stepped on his foot again. She rested her head on his chest out of embarrassment. “I don’t want to do this anymore.” Ellen gave up, announcing that she wanted to leave.

“It’s fine. Try again.” The man encouraged her. With her head on his chest like that, she watched their footsteps and slowly tried to match his rhythm. Yet, she noticed the man’s long legs and thought, My word. Jared’s legs are so straight and long!

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