My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1689

Yet, Jared ignored her and walked toward Ellen, asking. What happened?” “Miss Joypur over here tried to team up with my cousin to chase me away so that she could become your partner for tonight,” replied Ellen truthfully.

Looping an arm around Ellen, Jared turned around, his sharp, cold gaze sweeping across the four people, and asked, “Who gave you the right to bully my girlfriend?”

The four women’s eyes widened at his words. Girl… Girlfriend?! Ellen was actually Jared’s girlfriend? She’s not just a female companion?

Wide-eyed, Selena didn’t expect that they were already a couple. How did they progress so quickly?

Ellen, who was also stunned, surmised that this was Jared helping her to raise her status. Yet, before she finished processing her thoughts, the man held her cheeks and forced his assertive yet moist lips against her red lips, kissing her.

At that moment, Ellen felt as if an explosion went off in her mind. On the other hand, the four women were jealous and embarrassed, for they had to endure Jared kissing another woman right in front of them, showing his love publicly.

“Tonight, except Ellen, none of you have the qualification to be my companion.” Jared looked straight at Dorothy.

Somehow, Dorothy’s face was both pale and flushed, making it quite an interesting spectacle. She was so embarrassed she wanted to bury her head in the sand to hide from Jared’s gaze.

“Young Master Jared, this has nothing to do with us! It was her idea to chase Miss Reiss away. One of Dorothy’s friends quickly made Selena the scapegoat.

“Exactly. She was the one who told us that Miss Reiss is an assistant and that she was her cousin. It was her idea to make us chase her away.”

Selena blushed furiously, matching the color of her bright red dress, making her beautiful dress seem lackluster in comparison.

Dorothy quickly added, “That’s right. Jared, we didn’t want to bully Miss Reiss. We only fell into her trap.”

Jared fixed his gaze on Selena, who originally wanted to attract his attention. Although she had successfully done so, it was rage that was directed at her instead.

I’m overlooking this matter for the sake of your parents. Now, make yourself scarce.” Upon hearing this, Selena bit her lips before glaring at Ellen. Not thick-skinned enough to continue staying in the venue, she left for the entrance dejectedly.

Meanwhile, Ellen was still in a bit of a daze, as the kiss disconnected her from reality temporarily.

Dorothy and the others felt ashamed to stay there any longer since Jared’s gaze made them feel like they were trash that should be disposed of.

Soon after Selena left, Dorothy and the others followed suit, unfortunately bumping into her after they went down. Selena was hailing a cab since she didn’t drive to the event. Besides, leading to the hotel was a very long stretch of road, and she did not want to walk.

“Hey! Our plans were ruined by you tonight!” Dorothy vented her anger.

The other two were the same because they had planned on having a good time throughout the night at the venue. Now, because of Selena’s plans, they had no choice but to leave due to shame.

Selena felt her heart crack. “I was only helping you guys. Why are you saying this?”

Clenching her teeth, Dorothy hinted at her friends, who stepped forward and pressed down on both of Selena’s shoulders. Being at hot-headed person, she slapped Selena without saying anything. “This is what you deserve because of tonight.”

“You… Holding her cheek, Selena was angered to the point of her face turning red.

“Look at that cheap dress. I wonder where she rented it from.” “You’re right. And she actually dared to mock others? We were being angelic when we didn’t laugh at her.”

Dorothy’s family really was wealthy, so she had the valet drive her Ferrari out and parked right in front of Selena. “You want to be my friend? You aren’t qualified.”

Because Selena was afraid of Dorothy’s money and influence, she did not insult them directly. Instead, she waited until Dorothy drove away. before she swore, “B*tch.”

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