My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1688

Ellen had never been bullied in school before. But right now, she was surrounded on all sides by these snobbish rich girls, who were using their status to oppress others.

“Ellen, stop being foolish and just leave.” Selena was afraid that Jared might return at any moment, so she started to rush her.

Smirking, Ellen replied, “What if I don’t? And why should I leave? Are any one of you the organizer of this event? If not, then you don’t have the right to tell me to leave!”

Her words stunned Dorothy, Selena, and her three friends, as they never thought Ellen would say this. “Ellen, how thick-skinned do you have to be to say that! Things have already come to this point, yet you’re still insisting on staying here!”

Selena mocked. “I think you don’t want your dress anymore, do you?”

Ellen nonchalantly rebuked, “You’re right. I don’t want my dress anymore. But, if you splash that glass of red wine at me, then you’ll have to pay for the dress.”

“You….” The haughty woman was rather troubled by this. “It was you who soiled my dress first. Now, I’m just mimicking your actions, so why do I have to reimburse you?”

“Because this dress was given to me by Young Master Jared. If you do soil it, then you won’t be paying me. You’ll be paying him instead, replied Ellen calmly. Right then, she was livid since she was being bullied by Selena and the others for no reason at all. Just because I’m poor doesn’t mean they can bully me like this.

Dorothy’s expression darkened. “Ellen Reiss, am I right? Do you know who I am?” “I don’t.”

“First of all, I’m Jared’s classmate. Second of all, my father is good friends with the organizer of this event. So, I have the right to make you leave. Otherwise, I’ll call security over.

Now choose: do you want to leave on your own two feet or be forcefully dragged out by the security?” Dorothy took advantage of her status to oppress her.

The other three watched on since Dorothy was taking the lead now, while Ellen was like a lone soldier that was surrounded on all sides.

Little did they know that the man witnessed this scene on the second floor. Jared, holding a glass of red wine in his hand, walked out, wanting to look for Ellen.

Yet, he did not think that Ellen would be surrounded by four women when he was about to reach the exit. Although he didn’t know what they were talking about, he could tell that Ellen was being bullied. With a cold gaze, Jared put down his wine and walked toward the staircase.

Due to Dorothy and her cronies’ backs facing the event hall, only Ellen was facing the crowd, so when Ellen saw the man cutting through the guests and walking toward them, she felt all fuzzy inside.

Then, she said to Dorothy, “What if I don’t leave? What will you do?” Dorothy sneered. “If you don’t, we’ll teach you a lesson tonight!” “What barbaric behavior.” Ellen frowned in anger.

“So what? This is all because you’re monopolizing Young Master Jared. The only partner deserving of him is Miss Dorothy herself,” stated the woman in the soiled dress.

Dorothy was still feeling smug, not knowing that a person with a terrifying aura was standing behind her, taking in their conversation. “Ellen, if you know what’s good for you, then make yourself scarce. Otherwise, I’ll be announcing your lowly status.’ Selena smirked.

“I am the only one deserving to be Young Master Jared’s companion. If you still have a brain, then get out of my sight, Dorothy admonished.

Seeing that Jared heard all this, Ellen pointed. with her chin at Dorothy, replying. “You know, how about you turn around and ask Young Master Jared that? Does he like the idea of you being his female companion?”

Realizing what her words meant after a few seconds, they turned around in panic. All at once, Dorothy’s face flushed crimson red. None of them discovered the fact that Jared had been standing behind them all this while, listening to their haughty words.

Selena, whose soul almost left her body, quickly turned around, wanting to escape. Although Jared just stood there, motionless and speechless, his chilly aura still informed them that he was very, very livid.

“Young… Jared! Do you still remember me? I’m your classmate from elementary school, Dorothy! Dorothy Joypur!” Dorothy immediately leveraged their past relationship to suck Jared up, trying to make him remember her while she was at it.

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