My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1683

At around five o’clock in the evening, a gray sports car pulled out from Presgrave Group and sped into the sunset, resembling an elegant leopard as it raced through the crowd of cars.

At the same time, in the dress store, Ellen sat in front of the window and flipped through a magazine with the setting sun in the distance. As the pedestrians walked by and glanced upstairs, they couldn’t help but stop in their tracks and wonder whom the young lady sitting up there was.

Under the sunset, the gray sports car parked in front of the dress store. Upon seeing it, the attendants understood that the driver had come to pick up Ellen.

They only knew that this guest had spent a fortune to reserve the store for two hours but did not know what he looked like. They guessed that he must be a man in his forties as the wealthy ones were usually of this age.

However, when the door of the sports car was pushed open and they saw the young man stepping out of the car, the attendants were instantly filled with envy. The rich man who had reserved their store was a handsome and stunning young man.

He was perfect in every sense of the word: he had the grace, the right looks, and the perfect. body. He was simply the legendary Prince Charming himself. At the same time, they could finally put a face on the male leads of the novels they read.

Although he was only wearing a simple black button-down paired with a grey suit, he was still stunning from every angle. Blown away by his looks, the attendants were only able to return to their senses after a long pause, and they rushed forward to welcome him.

“Welcome, Mr. Presgrave. Miss Reiss is ready now,” the attendant said with a smile. “Where is she?”

“In the tearoom on the second floor.” “I’ll go and see her.” Saying that, Jared glanced at his wristwatch and noticed that there was still a lot of time left.

Jared took the stairs and walked to the tearoom on the second floor with the guidance of the attendant. When he arrived, he lightened his footsteps, his gaze drawn to the girl sitting in front of the window.

The light from the French window enveloped her body, and the simple little black dress complemented her remarkable figure to the fullest.

The light from the setting sun highlighted her fair complexion, making her skin a little translucent with a slight blush. Her small nose and moist red lips looked extremely delicate as if she were a doll.

It was as if Jared’s heart had been thoroughly seized by something, and he couldn’t focus on anything except her.

Meanwhile, Ellen sensed someone’s arrival. Thinking that he was an attendant, she raised her eyes, only to jump in surprise when she saw him.

“You’re here, President Presgrave.” Ellen stood up before greeting him. Jared looked her up and down, an approving smile inexplicably appearing at the corner of his lips as he said, “Not bad. You look good.”

Ellen grew shy from his words. It was her first time dressing up so grandly in front of him, but at the same time, she was elated that he was able to see her in a better light. “Let’s go!” he said to her.

Ellen stood up and lifted a small pink bag next to her. It was small and delicate, enough to hold her phone, and beautifully embellished with diamonds. She took a step after him, and as they arrived at the stairs, Jared extended his hand toward her. Realizing that he wanted to hold her hand, she reached over graciously and allowed him to lead her down the stairs.

As the attendants watched the pair, they thought to themselves, I didn’t know a couple that looked so good together existed! “Have a safe trip, Mr. Presgrave.” The shopkeeper respectfully walked them to the door with the attendants in tow.

Jared nodded and led Ellen to the car before he opened the door to the passenger seat and helped her in. After she had taken her seat, he got into the car as well. Soon, the gray sports car revved and entered the sea of cars, the sight extraordinarily dazzling.

At the same time, Selena was waiting for Charlie in a cafe. She felt a burst of disgust upon seeing his rotund figure of two hundred pounds, but she still smiled charmingly to welcome him. Charlie took the opportunity to reach out and hold her, pulling her closer to him, and his eyes fell on her V-neck, revealing. an ill-intentioned look.

I’ll be in your care tonight, Mr. Dune!” Selena said as she got into his car, daydreaming about all the good things that were about to come her way tonight.

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