My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1682

Ellen tried on another black dress that was seductive and playful yet carried an air of mystery. While she looked at her stunning reflection in the mirror, the shopkeeper highly recommended this dress. Ellen liked it as well; it was simple and modest, and it wasn’t flashy either.

On top of that, the diamond belt around her waist was a huge bonus that brought out all the advantages of her body. The top of the dress showcased a playful V-neck, and the cinched waist as well as the bottom of the dress displayed her slender legs. In the end, Ellent opted for this dress.

Ellen thought she had chosen a dress that wasn’t very impressive, but she wasn’t aware that the designers of this dress were top-of-the- line, and that the diamond belt that matched her waist alone was already worth eight figures.

Then, she began to do her hair. Her long and dark hair surprised the hairstylist, who hadn’t seen long hair that hadn’t been dyed with chemicals for a long time. Ellen’s hair was black and smooth, emitting a natural glow in the light.

“Miss Reiss, I’ll do your hair for you!” “All right, thank you.” Ellen nodded. “Have some water, Miss Reiss.” Another attendant thoughtfully served a glass of water for her.

After Ellen said her thanks, the hairstylist began to get to work. Although it was a simple braiding process, she meticulously tended to every single strand of hair to create an elegant hairstyle for Ellen. The hairstylist worked on styling her hair into a soft and sweet updo that would enhance her face, and gradually, her demeanor changed.

The next step was makeup. The makeup artist didn’t cover her assets but enhanced her beauty even more by focusing on her best features. Soon, the plain girl in the mirror disappeared and was replaced with the reflection of a gentle and sweet young lady.

Her slightly curled hair cascaded down her shoulders, showcasing her wonderfully sculpted rosy cheeks, making her. unbelievably beautiful. Even the surrounding attendants couldn’t help but silently gasp to themselves, thinking that Ellen was stunning when she dressed up.

Soon after, it was time to select her jewelry and high heels. She went for a pair of simple diamond studs which did not steal the limelight away from her dress but lined her hair and small earlobes with a glittering light.

On her. wrist was a small bracelet, and she wore a thin chain around her neck. Each piece of jewelry did not stand out from the others, but silently. highlighted Ellen’s beauty.

Time went by without her realizing it, and after Ellen tried on her shoes, it was as if she had become a different person.

“Miss Reiss, we’ve prepared some afternoon tea for you. Please enjoy,” the shopkeeper said.

After serving the desserts, the attendant left, leaving Ellen the perfect opportunity to rest and drown in her thoughts on the sofa in front of the second-floor French window.

Just then, an attendant came over with a cup of coffee. Ellen asked curiously, “May I know if there are any other customers at this time?”

She only asked because, during the time she had spent in the store, she noticed that she was the only customer there.

The attendant let out a laugh. “Didn’t you know, Miss Reiss? You’re the only customer we’re attending to from three to five. We aren’t taking other customers during this time.”

Ellen’s alluring eyes widened. “Huh?” “Enjoy your drink, Miss Reiss.” Upon saying that, the attendant left with a smile. Ellen, on the other hand, was unable to recover to her senses.

If she was the only customer in such a large store, did it mean that this time slot had been reserved for her? It must’ve cost a lot to reserve such a grand dress store for two hours! Ellen covered her face, inwardly thanking Jared for how kind he was to her.

At the same time, in a different dress store, Selena was picking out her evening dress as well. She, on the contrary, acted haughtily and tried on several of their best dresses before she left with a red and tight-fitting dress, having decided to go for a provocative look.

She had to be on her best behavior tonight and seize the opportunity to escape Charlie’s clutches for a better target. Besides, she was still hoping that she could see Jared tonight. It would be great if he’s there, she thought.

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