My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1681

“My name is Ellen Reiss.” As soon as Ellen finished speaking, she was met with a surprised look from the attendant lady, who was thinking to herself, So, this young lady is the important guest who’s supposed to come in at three to five today!

In order to accommodate her, the store was closed to other customers during this time. Just who exactly was she?

As Ellen walked into the dress store, she expected it to be the same as any other clothing store, with customers coming in to pick and try on their clothes. However, she did not see a single customer in the entire store, which made her somewhat uncomfortable.

“Miss Reiss, what would you like to drink? Coffee, tea, or water?” “Water, please, Ellen replied with a smile.

Shortly after, four tall and beautiful attendants surrounded her with respectful looks in their eyes, making her feel a little nervous. With them, they brought a glass of water along with a plate of fruits and dainty pastries.

“Miss Reiss, please enjoy some fruits and pastries! In the next two hours, we will serve you to the best of our abilities. You can tell us if you have anything you’re looking for, and we’ll try our best to fulfill all of your needs, an attendant with a sweet smile said to her.

Just then, an older woman who was dressed even more luxuriously heard that the important guest had arrived, and she practically jogged over from the second floor.

She didn’t treat Ellen negligently just because she was dressed plainly, but she bowed and apologized as soon as she arrived, “My apologies, Miss Reiss. I’m the shopkeeper. I’m sorry I couldn’t greet you personally, but now, I’ll be at your service.”

Ellen was thoroughly dumbstruck. It was as if she were as distinguished as a princess. Why were these people being so respectful and polite to her?

“It’s all right, you’re being too courteous. I’m just here to try on some dresses.” Ellen waved her hands, indicating that she had no objections. “Miss Reiss, do you wish to head upstairs now to pick out your dress?” the shopkeeper hurriedly asked.

“Okay, I’ll take a look,” Ellen said before getting up. After all, her purpose was not to sit around and enjoy the tea, but to pick an evening dress for the dinner party.

After heading up to the second floor, she couldn’t help but gasp in awe at the sight of the shiny beaded evening dresses that could only be seen in movies or on celebrities. Here, not only could she admire these dresses up close, but she could even touch them.

“How beautiful!” She couldn’t help but gasp “If you see anything you like, Miss Reiss, we will be here to help you put them on.”

“Thank you, I’ll have another look.” Ellen hadn’t made her choice yet as the dresses were all too beautiful, and she felt dizzy just from looking at them. It was as if any of them would easily make her a fashionista if she put them on.

“Do you have a favorite color, Miss Reiss?” “I like blue,” she replied.

“We have blue dresses here as well. You can take a look here and choose the ones you like. Of course, we have other colors that are perfect for you too, the shopkeeper carefully suggested. She noticed that Ellen had an innocent and lovely appearance, so she figured a short evening dress would look good on her as well.

Ellen said to the shopkeeper, “Miss, can you help me pick a few dresses that suit me? I’ll try them out to see how they look.”

The shopkeeper had been waiting for these words, and she skillfully picked ten different dresses for her, after which Ellen began to try. them on. Each dress displayed a different effect on her, but there was no doubt that she had a good figure with a slim waist, pale skin, and an excellent bone structure which was well suited for wearing evening dresses.

She had tried several long gowns, and they felt very dignified and beautiful to her. However, they were troublesome, and she was not used to wearing them, so she gave short dresses a shot instead. A knee-length dress decorated with crimson roses stunned her. It was as if her body was infused with a fiery glow, and it was gorgeous.

However, the shopkeeper then suggested that she try other dresses. The next dress she tried putting on was a top-heavy and sleeveless gown with a white laced skirt on the bottom. It was pure yet sultry and showcased her long, slender legs perfectly.

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