My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1680

“What? You’re going to give her 20 million? How much will we have left, then? We just asked the Presgrave Family for 50 million three years ago. We can’t ask them for more in the future!”

Connor counted the money he had earned from his investments and concluded, “By then, you and Lena can just cut down on your expenses!”

“How is that possible? I’ve already gotten used to this life. I can’t start being thrifty now. Besides, Lena still has to get married and needs at least 10 million for her dowry!”

“Okay, okay, I’ll work hard to save up.” “Do you think you can find a profitable project with your skills? I don’t believe it!” Olivia said disdainfully Connor’s mood soured. “Either way, it’s decided.”

Upon seeing her husband swing the door open and leave, Olivia couldn’t help but place her hands on her waist and thought that she would never let Ellen find out. If not, her 20 million would disappear into thin air.

In the blink of an eye, it was Friday. As Ellen sent a cup of coffee to Jared’s office, he handed her a name card right as she was about to leave. “Go to this place at three this afternoon.”

Curious, she took the name card and saw that it belonged to a dress shop. “I’ve already notified the owner of this shop. You can just go and try the gowns on and pick whichever you like. I’ll pick you up for the party at half past five.”

Ellen had been worried about this, but she was surprised to see that he had already taken care of everything for her. “Okay.” She nodded.

Jared glanced at his watch and asked, “I’m going to have lunch with a few clients. How about you?”

Ellen smiled. “The cafeteria, of course! The food there is hearty and delicious.” As the president, Jared had never tried the cafeteria food, mostly due to his status.

“Really? In that case, take me to try it out one day.”

“Sure!” Ellen agreed, more than willing to take him there. “All right, remember to be there at three,” Jared reminded as if fearing that she would forget.

However, she would never forget, and she was even looking forward to it. After leaving his office, she searched the shop’s location and saw that it was not that far away.

Selena had been at work these days as well, but she was just a little distracted. Fortunately, she had a knack for controlling men, so her work was covered by her male colleagues. For lunch, she dined with the wealthy Charlie as she had to accompany him to the dinner party that night, and she managed to borrow an evening gown from him for the occasion.

Charlie had been pursuing Selena for quite some time. To him, women were only fun when they were new, and Selena had been leaving him hanging, which kept him interested.

“I’ll take care of your gown. My aunt has a dress shop, so you can just go over and pick one.”

“Are we buying it or renting it?” Selena asked with a smile. “Of course, we’re renting it! There’s no need to buy it when you’re only going to wear it once.”

Although Selena was filled with contempt at his words, she still said ingratiatingly, “You’re so kind, Charlie”

“All of the people who will be present at the party tonight aren’t ordinary folks. I had to rely. on my dad’s connection to get an invitation too.”

Hearing that, Selena felt her heart skip a beat, wondering if Jared would be there. “In that case, all of the guests tonight are the influential people of Averna!” “That’s right. You’ll meet many powerful people.”

The person Selena wanted to see the most was Jared. She hoped to meet him tonight, and she would be wearing a beautiful dress as well, so she would surprise him with something different. Even if she couldn’t see Jared, she could still make use of Charlie’s position to meet other rich people, so she had a backup plan.

At around three, Ellen took a cab to the dress shop. The car stopped at the entrance, and she gasped at the shop’s grandeur upon seeing the majestic building.

She had just entered when one of the staff greeted her. “Good afternoon, Miss. Are your here to try on some gowns?”

“Yes!” “May I know your name, Miss?”

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