My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1671

Ellen was slightly angered upon noticing her. “Do you have something. Selena?” “Ellen, I’ve underestimated you. I never expected you to resemble a white rabbit but a person who schemes behind the scenes.” “I don’t know what you mean.” Ellen frowned.

“Firstly, you lied that you rented your residence. I later found out that the senior management of Presgrave Group arranged the place for you. Secondly, you claimed that President Presgrave has a girlfriend, but I heard he’s single. All these are part of your plan because you know that if I don’t fight with you over him, you’ll be his girlfriend,” Selena roared.

Ellen’s pretty face flushed as she didn’t refute Selena’s words. She lied to Selena, but she didn’t mean to do so. When Selena saw Ellen’s reaction, she broke into a sneer. “What’s up? Do you still want to explain things?”

“There are two things I lied to you about,” Ellen mentioned as she shook her head and looked at Selena, “I don’t want to explain it. And I don’t owe any obligation to you to do so.”

“Ellen, let me tell you this. Things won’t end well for you if you provoke me. Since you dare to lie to me, just you wait!” Selena warned. “Up to you.” Ellen met Selena’s gaze without any fear. “Move out of my house, please.”

“Do you think I even wanted to say there? I’ll have you know that my parents are within a distance of us. I intentionally moved to your place, but I never expected you to believe my reasons.” Selena couldn’t help but mock Ellen’s stupidity.

Ellen’s face flushed deeper. It was not due to shame but rather anger. She had kindly accepted Selena into her house, but Selena had turned around and criticized that she was stupid for doing so.

At this moment, Selena heard footsteps that sounded like they belonged to a man. Her heart raced as she thought, Could it be President Presgrave?

She also wanted to see whether she could meet him or not. As the footsteps became louder, she peeked out the window to see a handsome figure appearing within view.

Sure enough, God had answered her prayers because Jared had indeed shown up. Jared also noticed her and entered Ellen’s office thereafter.

Selena’s heart skipped a beat. My God! He’s really here! She felt that this was a good opportunity to ruin Jared’s impression of Ellen.

Ellen was also nervous because she had no idea why he swung by. “Do you have anything, President Presgrave?”

Without even waiting for Jared to answer, Selena interrupted and answered, “I need to have a word with you, President Presgrave.”

This was enough to make Ellen worrisome as she tried to plead with Selena not to say anything. “It’s about Ellen,” Selena added. “What is it?” When he heard that it was about Ellen, Jared curiously asked.

Seeing that Ellen had gone pale made Selena proud as her lips curled upward. “President Presgrave, did you know that I have been staying at Ellen’s place for the past two days? She’s a liar who spreads lies.”

“Selena! Please don’t say,” Ellen begged as she clasped her hands tightly. “I’m still going to say it. I want President Presgrave to see what kind of person you are.” Selena seemed to have gotten leverage over Ellen. On the other end, Jared frowned, but he could tell that Selena seemed pleased with what she had done.

She continued, “She lives in the company- provided accommodation, right? When I asked her about it, she lied that it was a rented place. Then, I asked whether our boss was taken, to which she said yes.

You are single, President Presgrave, but she told me the opposite. I want to tell the truth on these two matters so that you can pursue the person you fancy! She’s quite a schemer, don’t you think?”

Ellen’s beautiful eyes dropped when she heard that. She had lied to Selena, which was why she felt helpless when Selena decided to spill the beans. Now that Selena revealed the truth to Jared, Ellen felt ashamed.

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