My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1668

“President Presgrave, did I do something. wrong? Ellen asked gingerly. Jared immediately continued the topic. unfinished from the previous night and restarted the conversation, “Other than my body, what else would you like to check out?”

“Uhh. I…” Ellen looked at him red-faced. Since when did I say that I wanted to check out his body? Other than his body, what else could I check out? Why does his question sound so intimate?

Red as a tomato, Ellen considered the situation for quite some time but couldn’t seem to come up with a suitable reply to this intimate question. Subsequently, she gulped and said, “President Presgrave, did someone dump you?”

His questions were just too unusual, and it felt like he was trying to prove his masculinity. Could it be because some woman broke up with him?

Jared was taking a sip of water, and upon hearing her question, he choked on the water. and sputtered. He coughed softly for a moment before lifting his head to stare at her with glittering eyes. What sort of question is that?! I don’t even have a girlfriend, so how could I possibly be dumped?!

“I had trouble sleeping last night because of you. Don’t you think you should make up for it?” Jared said this with a huff.

Ellen was confused from the moment she met him today. At that instant, she was even more so perplexed. I caused him to have trouble sleeping? How? And I am supposed to make up for it?

“President Presgrave, could you make things clearer? How did I cause you to lose sleep? What did I do to you last night?” Ellen blinked her large eyes and revealed an innocent look.

Jared had no choice but to take out his phone and retrieve last night’s chat history to show her. “Refresh your memory.”

She couldn’t help but reach out for his cell phone to take a look. Her pretty eyes widened, and her mouth was agape when she saw their chat history last night. When did I talk about this with him last night? I-I actually requested that he take a photo to show me too?! As she looked at the photo of him revealing his abs, she couldn’t help but take another look.

Subsequently, Ellen took out her cell phone to check their chat history from her end, but she saw nothing at all. She couldn’t help recalling that last night, during that period, she had gone to warm some milk for Selena. Maybe Selena chatted with him using my phone?

That must be it! Ellen was mortified and angered inside. How could she do something like that?! She conveniently took my phone and chatted about such an intimate topic with President Presgrave! How am I supposed to end this? Ellen always behaved respectably, but looking at last night’s chat history, the things she said made her seem so lustful.

Do I really have to tell him that the things yesterday were sent by Selena? It would make the situation even awkward! In the end, Ellen had no choice but to take the rap for everything.

“Oh! Yesterday I-I drank some alcohol, so I was a little wasted. President Presgrave, please don’t be mad at me. That were just some random things I said. Please don’t take them to heart.” Ellen could only conjure up a random excuse..

Meanwhile, Jared narrowed his eyes slightly. “Why did you drink alcohol so late at night?”

“Well, I-I found it hard to go to sleep, so I drank a tiny glass,” Ellen said with a bright-red face before looking at him awkwardly. “I’m not secretly interested in you, alright?”

After Jared heard her explanation, his expression turned darker than before. She is not interested in me but purely enjoys checking out my body, huh?

“Don’t drink alcohol unnecessarily next time, and don’t send such titillating stuff to anyone else randomly Jared instructed her domineeringly.

Ellen immediately nodded in response. She promised meekly, “I promise I won’t.” Jared was significantly vexed. After all that, she isn’t interested in me at all? It was just her rambling in a drunken state!

Meanwhile, she was also quite frustrated deep inside. Using my phone to chat with Jared and then deleting the chat history?! This has crossed the line!

She had agreed to allow Selena to stay with her, but that didn’t mean Selena was allowed to breach her privacy in this way.

“President Presgrave, I’m sorry if I have offended you. Please forgive me,” Ellen apologized because she found that her actions were truly affrontive.

“That’s alright.” Jared lifted his brows and glanced at her. Actually, I enjoy being affronted like this. After breakfast, Jared returned to the company with her for a meeting.

As for Selena, she finally got out of bed. After rummaging in the kitchen for food for quite some time but to no avail, Selena went downstairs to grab a bite. She opened the door and waited for the elevator with her bag in her hand. Soon, the elevator arrived. Ping! Selena was startled when the elevator doors opened.

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