My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1664

“Okay then. I’ll take a photo for you if I meet her.” Ellen had no choice but to agree. Selena couldn’t do anything to Ellen anyway even if Ellen didn’t take the photo.

After Ellen hung up the phone, she took out a book she’d brought along and started reading. Reading during her spare time at work could increase her knowledge, which she thought was great.

Suddenly, she wasn’t aware of when, but a figure approached the window. The man didn’t bother her but merely stood by the window silently and watched admiringly for a short while before leaving.

At Connor’s house, Harvey’s family came to visit Connor. Olivia was just about to ask Harvey about his pursuit of Ellen when Harvey lowered his head disappointedly and said, “Mrs. Aguirre, Ellen has a boyfriend, so it wouldn’t be right to pursue her!”

“What?! Ellen has a boyfriend?”

“Yes. When I gave her a call this morning, a man answered the call. That man claimed that he was Ellen’s boyfriend and told me to stop bothering her. Harvey felt quite annoyed and discontented. I spent so much money, and yet I didn’t even get the chance to hold Ellen’s hand!

As for Olivia, she couldn’t contain her curiosity. Does Ellen actually have a boyfriend?! Since when? Who’s the guy?

Olivia suddenly realized that Selena should be with Ellen right now, so she decided to get Selena to find out. If the guy was an ordinary man, it was fine to let Ellen continue the relationship. However, if the guy came from a wealthy family background, then that was unacceptable. After all, Ellen would end up as a threat to them if she had better progress in life.

Olivia entered the master bedroom and gave her daughter a call. “Hi, Mom. What’s the matter? I’m at work right now!” Selena answered the phone.

“Lena, you live with Ellen right now, don’t you? Do you know that she has a boyfriend?”

“She has a boyfriend?! Who told you that?”  “Harvey. He called Ellen this morning, and a man answered her phone.”

Selena felt quite perplexed. “That’s not possible. I dropped her off at work this morning. She should be in the office.”

“Then how could a man have possibly answered her phone and claimed to be her boyfriend? Lena, find out what’s happening before you return home.”

At that moment, Selena was quite intent on figuring out the matter and suddenly developed investigational instincts. She was quite keen to find out about the mysterious man hiding behind Ellen.

“Sure, Mom. I got it. I’ll try my best,” Selena agreed. After all, she had nothing much on her hands. The other male colleagues fought over completing her work for her. All she had to do was behave coyly, put on an adorable act, and treat the person to lunch. With all those, everything would be sorted perfectly.

Ellen went to the office canteen for lunch, so when Jared came over to see her, she was no longer at her desk.

After Ellen came back from the canteen, she took a nap lying on her desk. By the time she woke up, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon, so she quickly freshened up. Once she had come to her senses, she went back to the office to be on standby.

At that moment, her landline went off, so she answered the call, “Hi, Ellen speaking.” “Come over to my office.” It was Jared.

Ellen immediately got up and headed to his office. She was wondering which job he needed her to complete, but unexpectedly, he retrieved a takeaway box and placed it in front of her. “I wanted to bring you out for lunch this afternoon, but you were not at your desk, so l ordered a dessert as a takeaway for you.”

“I had lunch at the canteen this afternoon.” Ellen was surprised by his affectionate act, but she shook her head. “President Presgrave, you should keep it for yourself? I’m stuffed.”

“You keep it for your tea break. I bought it specifically for you.” Jared was quite insistent as he grabbed her hand and placed the bag into her hand.

Ellen bit her lip and thought, This boss is too kind to the point that I’m slightly embarrassed.

“You can go back to the office now,” Jared said to her before getting up to walk over to his desk and starting on work.

Ellen didn’t want to be disruptive, so she took the takeaway box and returned to her office. She opened the box in her office and saw a dainty dessert inside. The dessert was made from fresh ingredients, and it was quite fragrant and tasty.

It definitely looks pricey. Suddenly, Ellen felt tears well up in her eyes. Other than her grandma and brother, this man was the only person who treated her well.

She no longer had many memories of her parents because it had been ages since she last saw them. Her brother was the figure who had replaced her parents to take care of and protect her.

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