My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1663

“I wouldn’t feel at ease.” Ellen blushed bright red. He treated her so kindly, but she had nothing to repay him. “You don’t have to feel bad about it. I’m always happy to help.” Jared’s smile was dazzling.

Ellen blushed once again under his bearing smile. She realized she would feel quite guilty if someone treated her too nicely. “President Presgrave, I-I would like to buy you a present. What do you think would be a suitable present?” Ellen asked.

“Just show me a smile,” Jared replied. Ellen was initially quite shocked before pursing her lips and saying, “I’m being serious.”

“I’m also being serious here!” Jared enjoyed teasing her and seeing her face turn bright red. She looked adorable. Ellen was tickled by that and burst into laughter as she smiled at him.

Ellen was wearing a white shirt which gave her a slightly charming air. She looked like a budding flower about to bloom in the wee hours of the morning; she appeared to be concealing her shyness and coyness within.

To Jared, her smile felt like a gift to him and made him feel quite joyful.

Jared accepted her smile as repayment. After looking at his wristwatch for the time, he said, “Come on. Come along with me to the company for a meeting.”

Both of them had just walked out of the phone shop when a pedestrian suddenly rushed toward them and nearly bumped into Ellen. Ellen had barely reacted when she felt a strong arm grab her around her waist, and then there was a tug at her waist. At that point, Ellen fell into a man’s firm chest. Her chest bounced against his body.

A slightly pleasant scent hit Jared’s nostrils, and he lowered his head to look at the girl in his arms. Her body scent caused his body to tighten, and for a moment, he felt a sensation rush at him on this pleasant morning.

Jared’s handsome face flushed for a few seconds, and he didn’t expect that he would develop such thoughts toward Ellen.

As he drove toward the airport, Jared’s eyes flickered slightly. The reaction he had from this morning caused some slight turmoil in him. He had helped Ellen so much purely because she needed help, and he didn’t approach her with any underlying motives.

After they arrived at the company, Ellen went back to her office. Jared requested her to make him a cup of coffee and send it to his office at ten thirty.

Ellen held a cup of coffee and came to the third meeting room. She gently knocked on the door and pushed it open. Instantly, the atmosphere inside the meeting room caused her heart to skip a beat. Everyone’s so solemn here!

The projector was on, so the meeting room lights were slightly dimmed. Ellen focused her eyes on the man in the center of the room, and he looked as if he was royalty shrouded in darkness. He exuded an air exclusive to a person of authority but when matched with his young face, the aura he emitted seemed exceptionally at odds.

At the same time, he was captivating, and one couldn’t help being attracted to him. Ellen placed the cup of coffee in front of him and heard him chuckle in a low voice. “Thanks.”

She blushed and turned around to leave. As soon as she walked out of the meeting room, she sighed. Jared emitted a totally different aura when he was at work, and she didn’t even dare to breathe in front of him nor dare to cast eyes at him.

Ellen went back to her office and heard her landline go off. She headed over and reached out to answer the phone, “Hi, who’s on the line?”

“Ellie, it’s me.” Selena’s voice rang out on the other end. “Selena, do you need something?”

“No, I don’t need anything. I want to have a chat with you, that’s all. Gosh. Has President Presgrave’s girlfriend arrived? Could you sneakily snap a photo of her to show me?”

“His girlfriend isn’t here, and I wouldn’t dare to sneak a photo either. Selena, I can’t help you with this.” Ellen rejected Selena’s request.

“Why not? What’s there to be afraid of?” Selena attempted to incite Ellen. “Selena, it’s working hours right now. Don’t you have work to do?”

“I have nothing to do right now. Can I come upstairs to see you for fun?”

“Uhh. I-I’m actually quite busy.” Ellen had no choice but to tell a lie. “What are you busy with?” “Anyway, Selena, I don’t have time for fun, so don’t come upstairs, alright? It’s working hours right now, Ellen advised Selena.

“Snap a photo of President Presgrave’s girlfriend when you have time and send it to me, okay?” Selena requested. Selena refused to give up until she actually saw Jared’s girlfriend.

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