My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1656

Ellen trailed behind the lady. The whole floor appeared unusually solemn and strict, and she was on tenterhooks. Jumbled thoughts flooded her because she did not have the slightest idea of what kind of work she needed to do.

“Ellen, here’s your office. You are directly under President Presgrave, so he will tell you your duties himself. All you gotta do is do as you’re told to.” “Then… Do I need to go through any handover documents?” inquired Ellen.

The secretary gave it a thought before shaking her head. “I’m not sure either. You’re his first personal assistant, so just wait for his orders.”

She strode away just like that, leaving Ellen in muse while propping her chin. A couple of moments later, the landline on her desk rang out suddenly, making her jump. Quickly, she answered the call, “Hello?”

“Come to my office.” Jared’s gruff and enchanting voice resounded. I guess I have incoming work now, Ellen thought. “Okay. I’m on my way.”

Taking a deep breath, she walked to his office and knocked on the door. The second she opened the door, Jared was removing his blazer to reveal the dark grey vest and white shirt underneath. Geez, he’s a real-life prince charming.

“Have a seat. Let’s talk about your job scope.” He pointed at the couch. Is he going to deliver my job scope personally? She was not sure whether to cry or laugh at reality.

Once Jared took a seat, the jittery Ellen proceeded to sit down with a straightened back. With her hands placed on her knees, her serious gaze began to focus.

Seeing that, he burst into laughter. “Relax. I don’t bite.

But you’re the boss! How am I supposed to relax in front of my boss? She was helpless. “May I know what I have to do from now on, President Presgrave?”

“Can you make coffee?”

“Yes, I worked at a cafe before.”

“Great. That is your job for now.” The lenient boss found something for her to do. Now that she worked as his assistant, he needed to at least put something on her plate, and it happened that no one was responsible for making coffee, yet.

“Is that it?” She blinked her eyes, recalling Joanna’s words about the fivefold increase in her income. Yet, that was all she had to do?

Meanwhile, Selena and her colleagues returned to the office upon having lunch. When they bypassed the receptionist’s desk, she intentionally glanced at Ellen’s place to find it empty. Where is she? Why isn’t she on duty? Perhaps she’s fired after making a mistake? Or did she resign?

The curious Selena approached Olive with a smile. “Hi, there. I’m wondering where Ellen has gone to.” “Oh, Ellen, you say? She’s transferred to another position.” ‘To?”

“We’re not sure either.” She’s transferred to another position? But hasn’t it been two weeks since she started working? While Selena had questions, one of the other receptionists piped up, “Didn’t President

Presgrave speak to Ellen personally this morning? I bet she’s working for him right now.”

Selena happened to hear that and quickly followed up. “He spoke to Ellen this morning? Has she done something wrong?”

“Nope. He was all gentle and smiling, though? the receptionist responded. So, she’s not fired but promoted? Is she working for the presidential office now?

Mixed feelings boiled in the pit of Selena’s stomach. She fished out her phone to message Ellen as she was on her way to the elevator. ‘Ellie, I heard you’ve been transferred. Which department are you in?”

Ellen checked her phone upon hearing the notification. Noticing that it was Selena, she sighed. However, she could not ignore her cousin, could she?

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