My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1655

Alighting from the car, Jared stared coldly at Harvey because he did not intend to respond to the guy. In the end, the awkward Harvey decided to take his leave.

Back at the receptionist’s desk, Olive whispered to Ellen, advising her not to loaf about during working hours, or she would be penalized. Ellen did not want that either, for she even warned Harvey not to send her flowers again.

At that moment, Olive straightened her back to greet the incoming young man along with the others. “Good morning, President Presgrave.”

Ellen could not react in time, hence the tardiness. “Good morning, President Presgrave. Her voice alone reverberated in the lobby because everyone had done their salutations by the time she stood up. Feeling embarrassed, she could not help her flushing cheeks.

Jared’s eyes naturally fixed on her. A smile appeared across his lips the moment he saw her. Then, he responded to everyone, “Save the greetings whenever I’m at work.”

“And spare me a moment, Ellen,” he called for her on the spot.

She froze at her spot, looking left and right to realize that only her name was mentioned. She had no choice but to rise from her seat. Now that he was seeing her as the company’s

president, her heart surged to her throat. Once they came to a pillar, Jared cut to the chase. “I saw you and a guy fighting back there. Who is he?”

Ellen’s mind went blank, for she did not expect him to witness that scene. “He’s the son of my uncle’s friend.” “Is he pursuing you?”

“No, no, no! I have nothing to do with him.” She shook her head vigorously in denial. “He’s definitely up to no good. Don’t mind him,” he reminded.

“I know.” She nodded because she hoped for peace too. However, she worked in the lobby, where Harvey could drop by at any time, so she could not do anything about it.

Needless to say, Jared was also aware of the main problem. Why don’t I transfer her to somewhere close to me? I need a personal assistant anyway. She can help me with my daily routine, and I can keep her safe by keeping those unwanted harassments in check. Perfect!

“Ellen, do you want to have a change of job?”

“A change?” That idea did not cross her mind at all.

“I need a personal assistant, so you can take office from now on.”

“Huh? Me? But I haven’t done anything relevant to that. She lacked confidence.

He smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that. I don’t bite He assured her to get back to work first before treading toward the elevator. Once Ellen was back in her position, Olive came up to her. “Ellen, why did he ask for you?”

“Nothing.” Ellen figured that it was not the time to bring up the job rotation.

The tactful Olive quelled her doubts at her response. If President Presgrave takes special care of Ellen, she won’t need to serve as a receptionist anymore.

As Olive expected, Ellen received a job rotation email from the human resource department at noon. She went to the manager’s office as required, and Joanna looked at her enviously. “Ellen, you’re promoted! You’ll be working as the president’s personal assistant from now on.”

Her face turned crimson at that. That sounds kinda weird. Personal assistant?

Seeing through her mind, Joanna grinned. “Don’t get me wrong. We’re a proper international company. As the president’s assistant, you’re required to take care of his personal life. The president will elaborate on the details himself later.”

In actuality, Joanna was clueless about what kind of a person Jared was. The only time she encountered him was during a meeting among the senior employees. Thereafter, she had the impression that Jared was a strict and serious person.

Ellen did not foresee the promotion to be this soon either. “You should report yourself at the floor where the presidential office is.”

After thanking Joanna, she headed upstairs by the elevator. The moment she came out of it, a secretary in her early thirties escorted her.

“Ellen Reiss, come this way, please.”

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