My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1654

“I’m sleepy. Let’s talk about it next time.” Ellen politely wrapped up the discussion before terminating the call. After setting her phone into silent mode, she drifted into dreamland.

At that moment, the smoking Harvey cursed in his car, “What the f*ck? If you weren’t that pretty and loaded, I wouldn’t have set my eyes on you.”

He condemned orphans like Ellen because she was not from a powerful family to bolster his life. Thus, his parents told him to marry her to rip her off over that demolition payment. He need not ask her for kids to make it easy to bring up a divorce a few years later. By then, he could still marry an influential woman who would be the godsend to his breakthrough in life.

Ellen was merely the springboard for his life. She had no one to turn to even if she was tricked. Murray and Connor were acquaintances, so Harvey was aware of. Connor’s apathy toward her.

The weekend passed just like that. Ellen went to work at 8.30AM. When it was barely 9.00AM, a man holding a bouquet appeared. She intended to run away at the sheer look of the incoming person. Oh, my goodness! Why is Harvey here?

Hugging a bouquet, he alternated his gaze left and right. In the end, his gaze landed on the receptionist’s desk as he heard of her position.

Almost instantly, he caught sight of the girl sitting at the desk. Despite her intentional avoidance, he approached her enthusiastically.

“Ellen, you do work here. Look! I brought you flowers. Isn’t it pretty?” He went all out just to buy the most expensive roses for her.

She put on a stern face. “Mr. Fuller, it’s the working hour, so please do not cross the line.”

“I’ll leave right after I give you the flowers!! won’t bother you!” He quickly put the bouquet on her desk and decided to be thick-skinned until the end. “I’ll be sending flowers every day until you promise to have a meal with me.”

Ellen grabbed the flowers, which she did not wish to receive, and chased after him. However, he had already exited the lobby. He would not give her the chance to return them since he was aware of her intention.

Right when he opened the door to hop into the car, she caught up. “Harvey, wait!”

She almost tripped herself along the stairs due to her speed. At that moment, a black sports car almost ran into her. Fortunately, the driver reacted quickly enough to step on the brakes and was equally surprised.

When Jared realized it was none other than Ellen, he broke into a cold sweat. Ellen?

To his relief, she was unscathed. Holding onto the bouquet, she was talking to Harvey beside his car.

“Mr. Fuller, please take back the flowers. I don’t want them,” Ellen insisted.

“Don’t you girls love pretty stuff? I spent almost three hundred on them. I’m serious about you. Please accept them, Ellen. I’ll give you something better next time.” He feigned sincerity.

“I can’t take them. Please do not send me flowers during working hours. Thank you.” She placed the flowers into his car before leaving.

“Hey, hey! Ellen, what do you mean by this? I’d already bought them. Whom am I supposed to give them to other than you?” said the frantic man, as he did not wish to let his money go down the drain.

Still, she strode to the lobby’s entrance without looking back. Harvey grumbled in frustration, “Damn it!” He entered the car and wanted to drive away, yet a black sports car was blocking the way. He would usually go berserk, yet the sight of the expensive vehicle intimidated him. So, he wound down the window to talk to the other driver politely, “Hey, dude. Make way, please.

Jared wound down his window and glanced at him before parking his car at the front. The interested Harvey followed suit and started a conversation with Jared. “Dude, how much did you spend on your car?”

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