My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 The Funeral

Ellen certainly did not turn her nose up at the clothes. Now that she had lost her job, she would need to live frugally and save as much money as she could.

She had used up all her money to pay for the medical expenses, and Connor was the one who paid for the remainder. All she had on hand was her salary of 450. She had just received it.

It was nearly 1.00AM. Ellen was sleeping when she was awoken by the noises coming from outside her room. She got off the bed and cracked open the door to peep outside.

“Mom, when is she leaving? I don’t even feel like coming home anymore!” Selena’s voice came from the living room. “Be quiet. Don’t let her hear you.” “Who cares if she hears me?”

“I’ll ask her to leave tomorrow. I’ve already discussed this matter with your father. We’ll never take her in.” Ellen’s face flushed deep red with humiliation. It turns out that I’m unwelcomed here.

Early in the morning of the third day, Connor and his family headed to the cemetery with Ellen. The funeral was handled by Lilac and her family, so Ellen would only need to attend the funeral as part of the family.

Looking down at the urn that was being buried in the ground, Ellen felt her tears flowing down her cheeks. The person she loved the most had left her.

Selena had always been a cold-hearted person ever since she was a child. Despite seeing how hard Ellen was weeping, she felt nothing. In fact, she thought that the entire funeral was a complete waste of her time.

At this moment, Connor’s eyes were reddened. Recalling how his aunt had helped him in the past, he couldn’t help feeling sad about her death.

On the other hand, Olivia had gone out of her way to dress up for this event. Although she was dressed in black, she was decked in jewelry. Moreover, the jewelry that adorned her was very fancy.

Finally, Jessica was buried peacefully. From now onward, Ellen was all alone with nobody to lean on in this world.

Lilac walked over and said, “Connor, what are your plans for Ellie? You can’t expect her to be on her own. She’s just a child.”

“What child? She’s already 22 years old,” Olivia immediately retorted. How dare you try to put the responsibility of taking care of Ellen on us? I won’t let you succeed!

Unable to persuade Olivia, Lilac could only sigh heavily.

Connor replied, “Aunt Lilac, I’ll definitely help Ellie.”

Olivia sneered coldly at those words. I won’t allow him to do that. Not only is Selena uncomfortable with Ellen’s presence, but it is so inconvenient to have Ellen in the house. I used to be able to do whatever I wanted in the past, but I have to accommodate her in everything I do now.

Ellen heard the conversation from nearby and walked over. “Uncle Connor, I’ll move back home tonight. I won’t disturb you any longer.”

“Ellie, why are you moving back so suddenly? We have room for you.” Connor couldn’t help asking.

“I want to keep vigil for Grandma. I’m not scared. Grandma was everything to me,” she responded bravely. She did not want to return to her uncle’s house and continue being a burden to them.

“You’re right, Ellie. One must always repay the kindness one has received. Let’s heed her wishes and allow her to go home to keep vigil!” Olivia immediately agreed. She did not know why she was feeling a sense of guilt and fear at this moment. She also couldn’t help feeling as though there was a chilly presence behind her whenever she looked at Jessica’s grave.

Connor was forced to agree with the arrangement. After the funeral, he sent Ellen back to her home. Looking at the dilapidated village that she was living in, he took out the card that he used last time and said, “There is 15,000 in this card. Take it.”

“I can’t, Uncle Connor. That’s your money. I can’t take that.”

“Just take it!”

“No, Uncle Connor. If Aunt Olivia learns about this, she’ll be very upset.” Ellen was a sensible child.

When Connor drove away from Ellen’s house, his phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID and immediately stopped his car by the side of the road. Then, he solemnly answered the phone call.

“Hello, President Curtis.”

“Mr. Aguirre, I believe you previously mentioned that your daughter would like to work at Presgrave Group. I’ve already made the necessary arrangements. According to her education and experience, we’ve temporarily placed her in the position of a financial analyst. Are you satisfied with that arrangement?”

“Thank you. I’m very satisfied with the arrangement, President Curtis. However, I would like to make another request if possible. I have a niece who is very pretty and has just graduated from university recently. Can I trouble you to arrange a position for her as well?” He swallowed his pride and asked.

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