My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611 Leading A Servant’s Life

“How long will she be staying?” Selena expressed her dissatisfaction on her face. “I don’t like having strangers in the house.”

“Of course, I won’t let her stay here for a long time. I plan to kick her out after three days.” After saying that, Olivia made a shushing sound. “Don’t be so loud. Why don’t you return to your room? I’ve placed her in the housekeeper’s room, and your father is unhappy about that.”

After hearing those words, Selena became even more upset. She was jealous that her father was being so lovely to Ellen.

The last two days had been extremely exhausting, so Ellen fell asleep as soon as she lay down on the bed. She dreamt of her grandmother that night, causing tears to flow down her face again.

The next morning, a knock sounded on Ellen’s door. She immediately got out of bed and changed her clothes. When she opened the door, she saw Olivia standing outside.

“Good morning, Aunt Olivia.”

“Ellie, do you know how to make breakfast? Our housekeeper is on leave, so there’s nobody in the house to make breakfast for us.”

“Yes, I can make breakfast. I know how to make spaghetti.”

“Good! Follow me to the kitchen!” Olivia guided Ellen to the kitchen and took out some pasta, vegetables, and eggs so that Ellen could make breakfast for the entire family.

By the time Connor and Selena woke up, there was already a large bowl of spaghetti on the table. Moreover, Ellen had prepared several beautiful poached eggs to go with the meal. Olivia looked at the sight and sneered silently. So, it’s true that children from poorer families learn to take care of their families from a young age.

Although her daughter did not know how to cook or make any kind of breakfast, she firmly believed that her daughter would marry into a family that would not require her to cook. This way, her daughter’s hands wouldn’t be dry or cracked.

She grudgingly praised Ellen in front of her husband. “Connor, look! Ellie woke up early in the morning just to prepare breakfast for us! It looks absolutely delicious!”

Connor exclaimed in surprise, “Ellie, why did you wake up so early to prepare breakfast?”

“I… I woke up early, so I decided to make breakfast.” Ellen did not dare to tell him that Olivia had woken her up to cook breakfast.

Olivia immediately beckoned Ellen. “Come, Ellie! Let’s sit down and have breakfast together!”

Seeing that Selena had not greeted Ellen, Connor turned toward her and scolded, “Lena, why didn’t you greet Ellie?”

“Good morning, Ellen,” Selena greeted in a perfunctory manner.

“Good morning, Selena,” Ellen greeted in return.

During breakfast, Selena began to tell her mother about her plans for the day. In the morning, she planned to head to the spa for a massage. Then, she was going shopping with her friends in the afternoon followed by a gathering with her classmates at night.

Just listening to her schedule for the day was enough to make anybody envious.

Connor listened to his daughter’s schedule and suddenly blurted out, “Lena, why don’t you bring Ellie with you? You can show her around.”

Selena froze in the middle of eating her noodles “Dad, Ellie is not acquainted with my friends. How can she hang out with us?”

“That’s right! Lena and her friends are students who came back from studying abroad. She won’t fit in.” Despite expressing her discontent, Olivia did not forget to boast about her daughter’s superiority at the same time.

Ellen blushed furiously and told Connor, “Uncle Connor, I’ll just rest at home today.”

After pondering for a moment, Connor did not force the matter. “Alright then. Have a good rest at home today, and we’ll visit the cemetery together tomorrow.”

He had an appointment with a friend after breakfast. Since he was also going out, only Olivia and Ellen would remain at home.

The truth was that Olivia originally had an appointment. It was just that she felt uneasy about leaving Ellen at home alone. What if she lost something important? It had to be said that both she and her daughter’s jewelry were very expensive.

That was why she decided to stay at home and watch Ellen.

“Ellie, I hurt my wrist recently and can’t do the laundry. Can you help us with the laundry?”

“Okay, Aunt Olivia.”

“Ellie, the floor looks a little dirty. The mop is in the storeroom. Can you mop the floor, please? Don’t forget to mop the staircase while you’re at it. It’s getting dusty.”

Ellen was treated like a servant and ordered around by Olivia to do various chores.

Olivia also instructed Ellen to cook lunch at noon. After Olivia finished her lunch, she relaxed in front of the television as though she were a queen.

As for Ellen, after she finished doing those chores, she was so tired that she fell asleep in the afternoon. It was at this moment that she received a phone call from her colleague. Their boss was laying off some employees since business at the cafe was not doing too well. As she happened to be on leave for the week, he decided to terminate her employment immediately.

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