My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609 Distressed Over Family Finances

When Connor received the phone call, he immediately showed concern. “What? She fell? Is it serious?” “The doctor says that it’s serious. Uncle Connor, can you please loan me some money? I want to treat Grandma’s illness.” “How much do you need? Just let me know!”

“I… I want to borrow 100,000.” Ellen took into consideration that she might need more money later, so she decided to ask for more from the beginning. No matter how tiring it would be, she would definitely work hard to pay back this debt.

“100,000? That’s not a problem. I’ll bring the money over to you right away.” After a few seconds of hesitation, his conscience prevailed.

When she ended the phone call, she heaved a sigh of relief. At this moment, she was delighted to have a rich uncle who could help her during the most difficult time of her life.

Just as Connor was leaving the house, Olivia caught sight of him and hurriedly asked, “Where are you going?”

“Aunt Jessica fell last night and is being hospitalized right now. Ellen lacks the funds for the medical expenses, so I’m bringing some money over to her.”

Olivia’s expression fell instantly, and she immediately probed further. “How much do you plan to give her?”


“What!? She asked you for 100,000!? No way! The most you can loan her is 20,000. And you must insist that she pays you back,” she declared forcefully.

“How… How can you be so heartless? She is my Aunt Jessica.”

“You have to know that an elderly person like Aunt Jessica will need a lot more money down the road for her medical expenses after suffering from a serious fall. Besides, she won’t be saved even if we spent all that money on her. Why waste our money on something so useless?” After saying that, she continued, “If you help Ellen on this occasion but Aunt Jessica unfortunately passes, she will definitely approach us for money again.”

He was forced to compromise with her. “Alright, I’ll only lend her 50,000 then! It’s not easy for a child like her.” After saying that, he opened the door to leave.

However, Olivia’s anger was not assuaged. She stood there scolding him angrily. “Where are you getting that money from? Our money is for retirement! How can you spend that money so carelessly?”

“Mom, what are you yelling about?” Selena came downstairs with a huge yawn.

“Your father’s aunt, Aunt Jessica, fell last night and was hospitalized. Ellen asked us for money early this morning, and your father agreed to loan her 100,000. Of course, I have to say no.”

“What? Borrow 100,000!? When will she be able to pay us back!? She only earns a meager salary of 3,000 a month!” Selena couldn’t help feeling distressed over her family’s finances.

“That’s what I was saying! Even if she did her best to starve herself, it would take more than three years for her to pay us back!” Olivia snorted disdainfully.

Selena felt that it was unlucky to learn about something like this so early in the morning. “Mom, I’m going shopping later. You mentioned that you’d give me 500,000 last time. Can you transfer that amount to my card now?”

“Sure! I’ll do it in a bit.” Olivia’s expression immediately became gentle. She would never skimp on her daughter’s expenses.

That was because she had believed in a certain principle since she was young. A daughter should be raised in luxury to raise her horizons and connections to marry a rich man in the future.

In the hospital, Jessica had woken up by the time Connor arrived at the hospital. She could sense that she no longer had much time left to live. Therefore, she encouraged Ellen to remain strong and waited for Connor to arrive.

Connor handed the money over and sat down beside her bed. She spoke to him with tears in her eyes. “Connor, I won’t be alive for much longer. The one thing that worries me the most is Ellie. When I’m no longer around, please take her in!”

Seeing that his relative was about to pass away, he naturally felt very distressed. Not to mention, he had always been a kind-hearted man.

“Alright, Aunt Jessica. I promise you. I will bring Ellie home with me.”

“Good. Ellie is your sister’s only child. As her younger brother, you have to help care for her child,” she said. “After all, that was how your sister took care of you when she was still alive.”

He nodded hard at those words. At this moment, everything his wife exhorted earlier had been forgotten. He felt like he had just woken up from a dream. This child was his sister’s daughter, and he could not bring himself to abandon her without a care.

“Ellie is a good girl. Find a good husband for her when the time comes. Don’t let others bully her.” Jessica was not afraid of death. The only thing she feared was that Ellen would be all alone in the world with nobody to take care of her.

His promise made her feel relieved and reassured. With that, Jessica calmly accepted her fate.

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