My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607 How Did We Get Rich?

Right then, a Bentley drove up from behind her. Selena was in the driver’s seat. Her eyes glinted with hatred when she saw Ellen. Why does she have to be around all the time? Selena pressed down on the gas pedal and sped forward. She was afraid that Ellen would see her driving the car—that would make her seem like she was a heartless person. Selena didn’t want to pick Ellen up—she felt embarrassed to show her friends that she had a relative as poor as Ellen.

“Selena, did you say that your father’s going to send you to work at Presgrave Group? Is that true?” Selena’s friend asked. “Yeah. My father’s looking for connections,” Selena replied.

“Can you help me to get into the company too?!” Selena shook her head. “His friend can only help me to get a job there.” “You don’t even need a job! You can do any other job since your family’s so well off,” her friend commented.

“What do you know? I’m here to hunt for my future partner! I heard that tons of talented figures earn millions a year in that company! They’re way better than the regular person! They’re smart and rich… It’d be a plus if they are also handsome.” The group of girls chuckled among themselves—they were all picturing their ideal romantic encounters.

However, Selena was already hooked on the young man she had seen at the golf club earlier. That was the man she wanted to get married to. I wish I could find a way to get to know him!

Ellen walked for nearly 20 minutes to get to the bus stop. It was late at night, and she felt rather sorry for herself as she stood alone at an empty bus stop. When the bus finally arrived, she got on the bus and leaned her head against the window as she felt the air-conditioning against her face. She felt like a speck of dust in the universe as she looked at the bustling city outside the window. Oftentimes, she felt unworthy of being in this city. Those tall buildings and those brightly lit condominiums… I wonder what sort of people live there.

I know I’m in the lowest class among all these people. Even though I graduated from university, finding a job is simply too hard. It’s practically impossible to find a good job without having some connections. Ellen had gotten into a decent company once, but the manager kept harassing her. In the end, she had to quit her job because she was too afraid of him. She didn’t have the guts to tell anyone else about this matter because she knew that no one was going to support her even if she told them about it. She didn’t dare to tell her grandmother about it either—she was worried that she would make her grandmother worry and cause her grandmother’s health to deteriorate.

So, Ellen was like a lone kitten that was terrified yet curious about the rest of the world around her. She couldn’t help but recall her brother sometimes. Her brother was the only person who had ever risked his life to protect her. From what she could remember, her brother was both bold and warm. Whenever he had good food, he made sure to share it with her; whenever he had nice toys, he would give them to her as well. However, her loving brother had left her all alone.

When Ellen finally got home, she was greeted with her grandmother’s warm meal. Even though it was nothing special, she felt her insides warming up as she ate the meal.

Meanwhile, in the Fraser household, Selena told her mother all about how she had bumped into Ellen at the golf club. “She was so disgusting. I nearly got embarrassed in front of my friends because of her,” Selena complained.

“Alright. The next time this happens, you should just pretend not to know her. She can’t blame you for it.” Olivia had a beauty face mask that cost 1000 on her face, and she was enjoying herself while lying on the couch.

“Of course. I wouldn’t make eye contact with her even if I saw her on the streets. She totally embarrassed our family.” Selena had a resentful look on her face as she spoke.

“You should stay away from her. You don’t want her bad luck to rub off on you,” Olivia reminded her daughter. The truth was that she didn’t want her daughter to get close to Ellen as she was afraid that Ellen would start pestering their family someday. If they showed enough hostility toward Ellen, then Ellen wouldn’t have the guts to get too close to them.

“I know!” Selena nodded. “Mom, I have a question! How did we get so rich? Some people’s families have a company that they’re waiting to inherit. Do we have a company too?”

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