My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606 Need Help?

Beside the young man stood a middle-aged man. The duo was playing golf while chatting away. When Selena approached them, she heard the middle-aged man respectfully addressing the young man, “Sir, it’s getting late. Shall we head back?”

“Sure. Let’s leave in a few minutes.” The man’s voice was crisp and clear, carrying a hint of masculine charm. After he swung the golf club, Selena approached him. The middle-aged man turned to look at her and asked, “Is something the matter, miss?”

“Well, my friends and I… made a bet. Whoever can get this young man’s number will win the game. May I ask… if you are willing to help me out, sir? Can I get your contact number, please?” As Selena raised her head, she realized that the man had such a stunning face that she dared not look him in the eye. If she did so, her heart might beat even faster, and she might even risk stuttering in her speech.

Before the young man could reply, however, the middle-aged man rejected her request. “Sorry, miss. We cannot allow just anyone to have his phone number.”

Selena couldn’t help taking the opportunity to look at him and noticed that the collar of his white shirt was unbuttoned, and the cuffs of his shirt were rolled up to the middle of the arms, which revealed his fair and delicate skin. He had a pair of gleaming deep-set eyes, a sharp nose, and sexy lips. When all of those aspects were combined in one frame, he looked as perfect as a sculpture.

Without backing down, she boldly asked the man, “Sir, please. Please help me out!”

In response, the man took a glimpse at her and replied indifferently, “Sorry, I can’t.”

Even his voice is charming!

Though she was extremely disappointed by his response, she dared not act presumptuously anymore. She stared at the man greedily for a few seconds before turning around to leave.

“Let’s go, sir!” the middle-aged man initiated.

When Selena returned to her friends, she had to disappoint them by telling them that she couldn’t get his number, so the girls became depressed as well. They just missed out on getting to know a handsome man!

But Selena was even more disappointed because she had admired the man up close. The feeling she had for him had intensified after their brief exchange.

He honestly looked straight out of a comic!

Ellen, on the other hand, had been picking up garbage for some time and had to drag an extremely heavy bag of garbage on the road. A buggy stopped in front of her as she struggled to drag it, and a deep male voice asked, “Need help?”

She turned her head abruptly before widening her eyes. She felt dizzy as if being shone by the sun.

Except that it was not the sun, but a man’s face.

“N-No, thank you! I can do it by myself.” Ellen did not expect a handsome man would have such a kind heart.

“Let us give you a ride, miss! You’re working too hard.” After saying that, the middle-aged man got off the vehicle and helped her carry the garbage bag onto the buggy. Seeing that, Ellen thanked them with a flushed face.

“Don’t worry about it.” The young man smiled as he started scanning her before asking curiously, “Why are you working as a janitor here at such a young age?”

“This is not actually my job. The daughter of my grandma’s friend works here, but she fell sick, so I came over to take over her job for a few days.” After Ellen finished speaking, she wrung her hands nervously. She felt uneasy by the man’s stare.

Involuntarily, her face turned scarlet. She would rather drag that bag of garbage alone than be scrutinized under the gaze of such a handsome man!

She felt embarrassed.

When they arrived at the parking spot, the middle-aged man even carried the garbage bag down for her, but when she intended to thank them for their kind act, she realized that the young man had walked away with his elegant back facing her.

It made her stare blankly for a while, and when she came back to her senses, she felt quite puzzled but deep inside, she felt touched by their kindness.

After ending her job, she changed into a casual outfit and left the golf club. Since buses did not stop nearby, she had to walk about 20 minutes to the nearest bus stop. While strolling on the road, she hummed a tune and enjoyed the scenery, feeling carefree.

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