My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1605

Chapter 1605 Ideal Type

Connor was brainwashed time and time again by Olivia, and since he also valued profit, he ruthlessly neglected his niece for years. “Fine!” Connor had no choice but to listen to his wife and be ruthless. Due to their conversation, Olivia was no longer interested in trying on clothes anymore, so she called her daughter and reminded her to come home early.

Meanwhile, Selena was hanging out with a bunch of foreign friends in a high-end bar. Selena’s circle of friends were all rich kids in Averna who were open to meeting new people and going to parties.

In the blink of an eye, it had been a few days since Selena returned. Today, she and her friends made an appointment to visit the golf course where Ellen happened to be. She wasn’t here for fun. Instead, she was there as a cleaner. The daughter of Jessica’s good friend worked as a janitor here, but she was hospitalized because she was not feeling well and couldn’t ask for leave, so Jessica asked Ellen to help her out for a few days.

Ellen had been working for two days in a row now, and she had also requested to take over the night shift for her cafe job so that she could make time during the day. On this day, she wore the janitor uniform and a sun hat. No one could tell that she was just a young girl.

Just as she was cleaning a particular area, four fashionable young ladies walked toward her while chatting. Ellen took a glimpse at them curiously before quickly recognizing Selena. At the same time, Selena turned in her direction, so Ellen called out to her, “Selena!”

Selena was looking at the scenery at first, but she was startled by the sudden call of her name. Only then did her gaze fall on the janitor.

Surprisingly, the janitor turned out to be Ellen! Moreover, she was holding a garbage bag in one hand, while the other hand wearing gloves, and she was wearing an unfashionable sun hat. It was so embarrassing to watch.

“Do you know her, Lena?” one of the girls asked curiously and took a glance at Ellen. Since when did Selena have such a bum-looking relative?

Ellen felt the complicated gaze in Selena’s eyes as she looked at her. Thereafter, the latter smiled and replied to her friend, “No, I don’t know her.”

Feeling as if she had been stabbed in the heart, Ellen hurriedly turned around to leave, not wanting to embarrass Selena.

Selena watched Ellen’s embarrassed back with a smile, and there was no trace of guilt in her eyes. Ellen almost made her lose pride in front of her friends, for goodness sake!

She used to brag in front of her friends that her family was all wealthy, so it did not make sense that she had a relative who worked as a janitor!

Just then, one of the girls covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Oh my! Look at that man! He’s so handsome!”

The backs of two men were facing them, and the younger one resembled a prince under the morning light.

His thick raven hair was brushed backward, revealing a flawless face and sharp features. He had thick brows, a sharp nose, and beautiful lips. His overall temperament was elegant and charming.

Although they were nearly 30 feet away from him, all of them were in awe of the man’s good looks. Even Selena could feel her heart racing. Whether it was his temperament, figure, or his face, he was her ideal type.

“I wanna know him! Which family does he belong to?”

“I don’t think I have seen him before, but I can tell that he’s extremely well off.”

“He must belong to a higher class than us! How great would it be to know him? Why don’t we ask for his phone number?” one of the girls suggested.

“Then let’s decide with a game!” The four girls were here to take pictures of the scenery so that they could upload them online and maintain their perfect rich girl setup.

Eventually, Selena lost the game. She took a deep breath, and with eyes filled with ambition and desire, she mused, If I get his number, I won’t share it with anyone else!

“I’m going over now,” she declared while combing her hair with her digits and checking her outfit. Once she was content with her preparations, she walked up to the two men.

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