My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603 Pull Some Strings

“Tell your dad to pull some strings for you! You can definitely get in with your talent,” Olivia confidently suggested to her daughter. “Really? Dad, can you really pull some strings for me? Then, assign me a position inside right away!” When Selena heard that, she was pleasantly surprised because she had hoped to find a job and a potential romantic interest in the company.

Then, Connor nodded. “Sure, I’ll figure something out so you can get in.” She couldn’t help but put her hands on her chest in excitement. If I could join the Presgrave Group, my classmates would be green with envy.

The following afternoon, Selena borrowed the car from her father and drove to the cafe where Ellen worked. She was intrigued by Ellen’s place of employment and wished Ellen would feel envious of her.

Meanwhile, Ellen was working in the cafe when she noticed Selena walk in, so she approached her and greeted her warmly, “Lena, I’m surprised to see you here!”

Selena sat down while Ellen took her order, and then she deliberately picked up the menu to flaunt the massive diamond ring. Then, she placed an order from the selections available. “I’ll have this!”

“Sure. Hang on a moment.”

After Ellen had left, Selena snapped a selfie, appearing pleased with her subtle makeup.

“Is that your friend, Ellen? She looks like a daughter from a wealthy family!”

“She is my cousin, my uncle’s daughter.”

“Woah! You have a wealthy uncle! Do you notice the timepiece on her wrist? I believe it is branded, and she appears to wear designer clothing!”

Ellen smiled. “Yes, my uncle’s family is quite wealthy.”

“Then, why are you working in a cafe?”

“What does it have to do with me?” She found her colleague amusing.

When Ellen brought the coffee over, Selena pointed to the seat across from her and said, “Take a seat! Let’s talk.”

Since the store manager was not around, Ellen sat down and conversed with her. Then, her attention was drawn to Selena’s diamond ring, and she exclaimed, “What an exquisite ring!”

Selena held out her hand, took a quick look at the ring, and then inquired, “Do you know how much it costs?”

“How much?”

“How much do you earn monthly?”

“Around three thousand.”

“Then, you may need to work for five years to afford it!” Selena replied with arrogance.

Ellen couldn’t help but bite her tongue. “Wow, that’s so expensive!”

After a while, Selena left, and because her car was parked at the entrance, the other waitress, who had returned from taking the trash outside, immediately remarked, “Ellen, I can’t believe your cousin’s family is so wealthy! She drives a Bentley!”

“Ah! Do you know how much her diamond ring cost?” Ellen asked her colleague.

“How much?”

“It is equivalent to five years of our annual income.”

“Geez! Why are you so poor while your family is so wealthy?” Her colleague couldn’t help but wonder.

Ellen shrugged and inquired, “What does my cousin’s family’s wealth have to do with how poor I am?”

“Of course, it does! If I have a wealthy uncle, I will do whatever it takes to work for him rather than in a cafe.”

Ellen responded with a bitter smile. Following her brother’s passing, she recalls Connor’s family distanced themselves from her. Since that day, she had never been to her uncle’s home, nor had she seen him or his family for years. Eventually, as she matured, Jessica told her that her uncle had become the wealthiest member of the family.

Moreover, she envied Selena because, despite failing the college entrance exam, she could attend the best university in the world, becoming the family’s crown jewel. Ellen never complained about her unfortunate circumstances because her parents died when she was a child, and she remembered her brother as the person who had always been the closest to her. However, her brother passed away due to illness. Later, Jessica cared for her as though she were her granddaughter. Ellen believed she was closest to Jessica, whereas Connor’s family was only a distant relative on whom she could not rely.

Soon, Ellen had finished her shift and boarded the bus home. Ellen and Jessica lived in an old house in a suburban neighborhood of the big city. Since their house was in a less-than-ideal area, it would never be demolished.

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