My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1602

Chapter 1602 Flawless Skin

Selena couldn’t help but feel resentful. My skin is flawless, and its radiance can only be attained through various beauty products, but look at her poor appearance! I wonder if she could afford a moisturizer, which costs one hundred! Nevertheless, Ellen has much healthier and more radiant skin than I do. Her skin is smooth and supple, like a baby’s, and there is not the slightest sign of a blemish anywhere on her face. That’s so unfair!

At the end of the meal, Connor approached Ellen, handed her a card, and said, “Ellie, there’s a hundred thousand in this card. Keep it for yourself and Aunt Jessica.”

“Uncle Connor, I appreciate it, but I’m working to make a living, and I’m not short on cash.” The moment he made the offer, she firmly shook her head and declined. She would never accept such a substantial sum of money from him.

The passage of time profoundly impacted his personality, and he became considerably magnanimous. Seeing his sister’s daughter struggle to make a living while he and his family had no financial concerns, he sincerely desired to assist Ellen.

When Olivia went looking for him so they could leave, she found him with a card in his hand and Ellen standing in front of him. Then, she swiftly approached them and asked, “Connor, let’s go home. What’s with that card?” She shot him a warning glance, knowing that her husband was presumably trying to give Ellen money, which she forbade.

“Bye, Uncle Connor.” Then, Ellen abruptly turned around and walked away.

Olivia sneered, “Connor, why are you being so kind and generous? You secretly gave Ellen money without informing me, didn’t you?”

“Oli, how could you be so heartless? Who has made it possible for us to live the way we do now? Do you not feel the slightest sympathy for Ellie?”

“Does she need our sympathy? She is 22 years old, and isn’t she working diligently? She won’t starve to death,” she huffed angrily. “We no longer share the same social standing as she does in society. Moreover, we each have our own lives, and she has her own. Therefore, we do not have to worry about her. She will deprive you of everything you have now when she learns of what we did back then.”

Due to the past events, Connor’s wife brainwashed him to prevent him from becoming close to his niece.

“Since our daughter wears designer clothing that can easily run into the tens of thousands, why can’t we give Ellie some money? It breaks my heart to see her using a phone with a badly cracked screen,” he responded with a sigh.

“What do you think she’ll feel about us if she finds out that we got our comfortable lifestyle by trading her brother’s heart? Aside from that, given that we were so heartless back then, what good would it do to try to atone for our sins right now? So, let’s forget about it and go home!” Following that, Olivia took her husband’s hand and led him toward the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Ellen was rushing out of the entrance when she noticed Selena standing alone. However, Selena couldn’t help but call out to her. “I’ve heard you’re now working in a cafe. What’s the name of the cafe?”

“It’s called Indigo Brews. Stop by if you want to get a coffee!”

“Send me the address! I might drop by,” Selena uttered arrogantly.

“Then, let’s exchange contact information!”

Following that, Ellen said anxiously, “I gotta get back to work now. Bye!”

She bid Selena farewell and left, then she felt frustrated because she hadn’t seen any jealousy or envy in Ellen’s eyes.

“She has no idea how to appreciate my superiority. Her views on materialism may differ from mine, so I can’t compel her to comprehend my lavish life,” she muttered in dismay.

At that moment, her parents’ car pulled over in front of her, and she climbed inside and looked out the window. Suddenly, she noticed the Central Business District skyscraper, affixed with the words “Presgrave Group,” gleaming in the sunlight. Then, she felt compelled to tell her mother, “Mom, I aspire to work there.”

Olivia and Connor looked at the Presgrave Group building in unison. She smiled as she asked her daughter, “Do you want to work there?”

“Yeah, but I’m not sure I can. As far as I know, they don’t actively seek new employees, and their entry requirements are quite high.”

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