My Baby’s Daddy Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599 Sixteen Years Later

There’s only this girl left in their family, and I’m now gifted with so much money. This money must be spent on my own daughter for her to live well! As for this niece… Oh! There’s this Aunt Jessica who had earlier offered to look after Ellie! I have to send this burden of ours, Ellie, away. I’m not spending even a cent on her!

“Hubby, let’s send Ellie to Aunt Jessica!” “I don’t think that’s a good idea! Aunt Jessica is aging and she lives alone. How on earth is she going to raise a kid?”

“Ellie is not young anymore; what more does your aunt need to do? Let’s do it this way: we’ll pay Aunt Jessica two thousand every month for her to take care of Ellie. After all, the longer Ellie stays with us, the more details she will get to know as she gets older. When that happens, she will most likely fight for the money!” Olivia was now solely concerned with keeping the money all to herself.

Her words made Connor think twice. My wife is right. Ellie will grow up one day, and if she learned that we approved the donation, things will get out of hand.

“Fine. Let me talk to Aunt Jessica regarding this.”

Jared, who had been unconscious for the previous three days, began to stir in Presgrave Hospital. Although his head was bandaged, he was conscious and eventually understood what was happening when he learned that his heart was a transplant.

For him, realizing that the heart beating within his body belonged to someone else was an indescribable sensation.

“You’re awake at last, Jared! You almost scared me to death.” Anastasia cried so much that she almost had her eyes blind from all the crying. Looking at her son who had finally awakened, she felt as though she was the one who had a close call to death.

Jared glanced at Anastasia, feeling bad that he had caused her to worry, as he said, “I’m sorry, Mom, for making you worry.” A wave of guilt swept over him as he realized how anxious his family was.

“It’s okay. I’m happy now that you’re fine. I won’t cry anymore.” Anastasia then bent down and kissed Jared on the forehead. She did not want her sorrow to affect her son who had just awoken.

She knew he had suffered too.

Five days after the crash, Elliot learned what caused it. It was planned by a foreign competitor who wanted to exact revenge on the Presgrave Group for stealing away their business interests.

Shortly after Elliot learned this knowledge, a disaster occurred in the middle of the open seas. The miscreant with the temerity to touch Elliot’s son vanished from existence.

This was exactly Elliot’s style. But despite so, he was unable to quell his anger. He went even further to ensure that the entire sinner’s clan would never be seen in the world.

As Jared required a quiet place to recuperate, Elliot’s entire family migrated to a tranquil manor abroad and had since resided there.

Sixteen years later, a young, attractive figure could be seen sitting at the president’s desk in the president’s office. He then stood to his feet and gazed out the floor-to-ceiling window. His captivating appearance was a gift from god, with the sun rays accentuating his aquiline nose and enhancing his facial contours, thin lips, and fair forehead as seen through his combed-up fringes.

Jared, who turned twenty-six this year, completely inherited his father’s genes. He stood close to 1.87 meters tall and exuded an elegant aura, which was how a son of a noble family would appear.

“Mr. Presgrave, the documents required for the board meeting are ready. You can go now.”

“Okay.” Jared had spent the previous years living and studying overseas and had rarely returned, but this time, he would have more time to stay in the country.

Despite his young age, he had a comparable capability to his father. As a result, he was now in charge of running the whole Presgrave Group while his parents focused on caring for his younger sister.

At the same time, a figure who had just returned from studying abroad was grandly greeted. Another woman laden with jewelry rushed up to hug the woman as soon as she emerged from the airport wearing only branded clothing from head to toe. “My daughter, you’re back at last!”

It was Olivia Fraser, hugging her daughter, Selena, who had been studying abroad for the past four years. This daughter of hers, having a beautiful appearance and obtaining foreign degrees, had made Olivia proud. Olivia was certain that Selena would have a bright future ahead.

“Mom, I’m running out of money again! Transfer some to me!”

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